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    How Wooden Walls Influence Ambiance?

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    The use of woods has always been considered something as really grand. A touch of wood on your walls brings back the rusticity in a completely modernized garb. Psychology says that a jungle always welcomes you and woods used in living spaces bestow an overwhelming degree of warmth. Being a part of Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata is a dream come true and in the desire to garnish your dreams, let the wood crawl into your soul. Wooden walls are elegant, stylish, tasteful, graceful, refined and sophisticated. Know how to influence your ambiance:

    Wooden accent walls:

    To add texture to your walls is like mixing vintage feels with contemporary design. Be it a straight patch or a curved design, the interior feels three-dimensional. Symmetry is important here. Crisscrossing patterns of wood might look intriguing but can seem cluttered if your room has insufficient space or is cluttered up. Choosing horizontal patterns for a bedroom is often aesthetically justified. Try out this option with the best residential projects in Kolkata.

    A combination:

    Tranquillity can be secured to by a topographic combination. Use of wood panels with stone and metal can render a rugged yet amicable ambiance. While wood adds a rustic feel, stones impart primitivistic outlook and metal softens them with a contemporary touch. Strips of metal jutting out from the wooden framework can be used to place antiques. A compartment of stone can be created for items that you want to showcase. When you are going for a combination, make sure the wall of your residential complex in Kolkata is not cluttered up.

    Living rooms with modern outlook:

    To impart an urbane look to your living room, using redwood or cedar wood will come aesthetically handy. The design should be minimalistic that will eventually turn out to be classy. Straight frames are often a recommended option to impart symmetry. Urbanity talks about symmetry and geometry and you must cut down on superfluity or overabundance. Bring out the urbanity in you by choosing the luxurious upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata.

    Correct style:

    Deciding upon your choice is one thing while implementing your desire is another. The finishing of the wood stands important here. A relaxing ambiance is channeled through an uneven wooden surface, not properly finished. Such a discourse is closer to nature and is thus has a numbing effect. However, an extremely polished and smooth surface, on the other hand, will impart the effect of being a cosmopolitan. Choose a negative space in your room to properly display the wood effects that at exciting and calm simultaneously.

    Forget your regular walls and engage in the glory of wooden network and make your living with Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata a cherished experience.


    Simple Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel More Homely and Cozier

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    Are you looking to invest your hard-earned money on the best residential projects in Kolkata? You need not splurge on an extremely classy interior to seal the deal. And, who requires extravagant interior décor items when it has a sense of warmth, which makes your lavish apartment a cozy abode? Whether you are moving into a brand-new space or just re-doing the same-old abode, these décor ideas will wrap your abode in a homely and cozy feel...

    Pay Attention to Your Bedding

    To begin with, updating your bedding is something, which you should strictly ponder over if you want your luxury apartments in Kolkata to exude a sense of homeliness. After all, you don’t want your guests to feel like they have entered an earthquake-ravaged zone! A bedding set made up of soft linen or crisp cotton will add coziness to every nook and cranny of your bedroom. Fold a colorful quilt or even throw a blanket at the foot of your master bed to have them handy for the chilly nights. Don’t forget to keep your bedroom clutter-free if you want your bedroom to be wrapped in the arm of warmth and coziness.

    Choose Soft Lighting

    Lighting plays a crucial role in beefing up the overall environ of your abode. While choosing lights for your flats in North Kolkatakeep those harsh or white LED ones at bay. Opt for the warm-toned LED lights, which will fill every corner of your abode with a soft, candle-lit glow. To spruce up the décor of your living room, hang a crystal chandelier right above the sofa or dining table. You may also opt for those soothing table lamps to light up the cozy corners of your abode.

    Let Wall Colors do the Talking

    Nothing comes close to those inviting wall colors when it comes to adding a warm glow to the interior of your luxury apartments in KolkataEarthy tones such as burnt oranges, brown, or golden will not just up the style quotient of your interior, but also fill your heart with a lot of warmth. Reds, oranges or yellows are those beautiful warm hues, which will perk up even the bleakest corner of your house instantly. You may amp up the sitting area with curtains or cushions of such warm colors.

    Kitchen Lines should be Layered

    Kitchen is often the most under-rated corner of an apartment. If you want to add a cozy vibe to your flats in Kolkatathen you must pay attention to your kitchen décor as well. Begin from the bottom up – begin with keeping an aesthetically-pleasant kitchen rug on the floor right in front of the sink. Throw a runner or a quirky table-cloth on the dining table. You may deck out the wooden chairs with linen covers as well. The moment you put a layer of linen fabric between yourself and the tiles or bare-wood, you will feel a lot cozier than ever.

    A Collage of Beautiful Memories

    A wall brimming with your family photographs or a mantle filled with greeting cards or the prints outs of life-quotes will blend a sheer sense of warmth in every corner of your abode. Besides sprucing up the aesthetics of your apartment’s interior, these photographs will make your living space a lot warmer and cozier. Every time when you will look at them, your mind will slip back to those beautiful days that you have spent with your loved ones. Sounds enthralling, isn’t it?

    Make sure to tap into these tips and tricks, if you want to create a cozy ambiance at the best residential projects in Kolkata.


    How to Make Balconies Stand Exuberant?

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    Owing an outdoor space is often a dream to be cherished. Placing a chair in your balcony and gazing outside or chatting around is a collective dream to cultivate in. Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata provide you with ample extended outdoor space to spend your lazy moments. Here are 8 easy hacks to decorate your balcony:

    Keeping a small table:

    A wooden small table is a perfect match for your morning or evening tea time. Sitting alone or your with family and gazing outside creates moments of intimacy. Choosing a foldable table is a better option to store with rooms.

    Seating arrangements:

    Built-in sitting arrangements often turn out to be fruitful choices for smaller balconies. The idea of compactness negates the notion of cluttering. Experimentation is always a part of your ideal with Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata.

    Go green:

    Plantations often add that necessary zing. Bonsai placed on a relatively shadier area of your balcony looks aesthetic. Crawler plants can be tacitly placed along hinges to make your backyard a bit dreamier.

    Add cushions:

    To do away with furniture is to avail the alternative of cushions. Floor pillows and rug with designer cover can always make your outdoor experience more appealing. You can not only sit and chat but also lie down and enjoy the cityscape.

    Utilize walls:

    If there is a portion of the wall that stands out, place a simple outdoor resistant artwork to add a bare minimum grandeur. Wooden frames with antique décor look quite plush on outdoor settings. Redesign your life with Aspirations upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata.

    Let there be light:

    Balconies demand lights be dimmed out! Hanging lanterns are often the choicest decision to keep the nocturnal feel intact in evenings. Even fairy lights with a coffee cup can make interactions enchanting! Lighting candles occasionally are again the most exotic decision.

    Cocktail party:

    A place kept sacred for engaging in little pleasures is often desirable. A low table can stand out for a cocktail arrangement. Get hold of your buddies and forget the world and drink vintage till life rejuvenates! Choose Aspirations real estate projects in South Kolkata and engage in a real dreamscape.

    Use hammock:

    If you want to relive the 70s, adding a hammock to your balcony sounds justified. However, what you have to keep in mind is that there is ample protection to prevent rain from drenching your ideal recline.

    Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata promises you to provide the best possible living experience. Get through these tips to bring the world within your home and with your family engage in the search for the meaning of life.


    Why Choose an Apartment Over a House?

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    At the end of a laborious day, what counts most is a pillow to rest your head and indulge in intimacy with yourself or your family. Choosing a perfect refuge to purge yourself of daily toxicity is definitely a daunting task to start with. Aspirations with its upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata is ready not only to tell you why choosing apartments is the wisest decision but also equipped to provide you with your own personal dreams on a platter. To assist you with your choice, here are 4 benefits which you cannot help but consider:

    Economical living:

    The primary benefit of staying in an apartment is with the aggressive finance dealings of renting. Rent is commonly less expensive than a home loan. Complementing the lower monthly or annual payment is the cost cuttings on other financial aspects like maintenance and utilities are by and large comparatively less in light of the little space and the general responsibility of a landowner/proprietor versus a renter inhabitant.

    Low maintenance:

    In contrast to a house, the apartment is typically kept up by an expert or home support organization. Thus, you won't have to stress over finishing, houseclean the stairs, doing fix works, and so forth. A wide range of upkeep works is dealt with. You worries are have now been dutifully taken over by Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata. The genuine feeling of serenity is our prime motive.

    Top-notch amenities:

    Choosing is a dream apartment is to get facilitated into a world-class service provider. As contrasted to houses, apartment living promises with extravaganzas like gyms, swimming pools, kids’ play areas, community hall, laundry facilities, and convenience stores. It is always better to get these accessed within your living perimeter rather than having to move out of your house in the scorching heat of Kolkata. Aspirations with these premium facilities have become the most trusted real estate developers in Kolkata.

    Safe and secure:

    Even if you invest in taking home security measures, one does not quite get the scope to avail the comfort provided by a community living ­– the proximity of neighbors often plays a greater role in your life. Aspirations multi-unit dwellings are the safest haven for kids, families, elders or even single woman. Our best residential projects n Kolkata vows to offer you with experiences of a lifetime.

    All the four points converge towards the greater factor of accessibility, where living must confront safety, economical renderings and responsibility towards the community’s good. Equipped with these, Aspirations with its upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata promises you a happy life!


    Why Live in a Complex or High-Rise With Top Residential Projects in Kolkata?

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    With life becoming complex every single day, the craving for peace and comfort is becoming much stronger now. Aspirations Group with its top residential projects in Kolkata is trying to harmonize living experience while providing you with the necessary human touch amidst a flourishing community. The point is to assess the benefits which should compel you to live in a high-rise or complex.


    The first aspect that one ponders upon while affording a house is to choose a premier location. High-rise is always located at prime junctions of a city. Aspirations Group 4 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata are situated in the Southern fringes of the city covered by the major thoroughfares like Sarat Bose Road, and at Rajarhat amidst the busiest IT hubs of Kolkata. The premium location with superior living is complimented with the best educational institutions, infotainment facilities, medical aids, and eateries.



    The second most important aspect to consider is the security benefits that you reap out of complex living. Aspirations Group premium residential projects are assigned with best security measures involving the presence of 24*7 security personnel and CCTV surveillance. Security is also ushered in by the community life and the strong association with friendly neighbors. Aspirations new flats for sale in South Kolkata promises you with an advanced secured living to make to your life dreamy and comfortable.



    Affording high-rise packs you up with premium quality world-class amenities. Aspirations Group 3 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata provide you with fitness facilities room where you can engage in comprehensive fitness training; lounging pools to keep you cool on summer days; ample green spaces to let you kids run freely, community halls to arrange your parties and build relationships. Great views of the cityscape are also a part of your luxury living experience.


    Choice of floors:

    With high-rises, you have the option to choose your floor according to your needs. Ground floors are always the better option for aged family members while top floors are generally windier with breathtaking views.


    Community living:

    With the world moving forward, people are losing touch with each other with increasing distances. Living with Aspirations Group help you to engage in meaningful social activities by making great friends and neighbors. A run along with the green spaces or a rigorous training session or simply sitting for a tete a tete, we ensure the development of human relationships.

    Dreams need security for it to grow and mature. With Aspirations Group top residential projects in Kolkata, engage in seeking the meaning of life.


    Housing the Benefits of West Bengal HIRA Act.

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    Living in West Bengal comes with the experience of a magnificent culture, intertwined with its unsupervised real estate problems. Often upcoming residential projects in Kolkata go unregistered, with no definite reliability on what is offered and at what given price, possessing extreme chances of the customer being dragged into a hoax, but that ends with the arrival of HIRA. Buyers take a deep breathe, as under section 20 of the West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Act, the Housing Industry Regulatory Authority was incorporated(also known as HIRA) from the 1st of June, 2018, aiming to legalize the investments on the real estate sector and in protecting the interests of the buyers.

    The fear of being disappointed by what you buy and what you finally get will hopefully evaporate with the HIRA Act. The HIRA Act attempts to focus on providing explicit guidelines for the regulation and promotion of housing facilities or real estate in West Bengal, as it demands that any housing project with eight apartments or above 500 meters, and any real estate project require themselves to be registered with the Regulatory Authority. In case a completion certificate has not been issued to ongoing projects, they would need to provide an application to HIRA, otherwise, they won’t be able to sell.


    The best part about the HIRA Act is that it concentrates all the information necessary for the knowledge of a buyer into a singular website. The website not only provides to the public, the acts, rules, and regulations of HIRA, it also manages to display a list of registered projects along with a list of defaulters so that any interested consumer can verify whether the New flats for sale in Kolkata fall under the list or not.


    Coming out as a consumer-friendly notion, the HIRA proposes rules and regulations by which all the real estate projects would have to comply. This would help in carrying out investigations and offering penalties in the event of any violation and assist the buyers in identifying the Best residential projects in Kolkata from a pool of options which would otherwise have been unavailable or scattered with no mother site to consult to. As per the rules, the promoters would have to provide their final plans with precision and follow through with each.


    Therefore, it is safe to say that with the implementation of this act, real estate and housing projects will become buyer-friendly and more reliable in their delivery. Consumers would not have to rely on the sole information of the promoters and would be entitled to acquire correct information on whichever upcoming residential projects in Kolkata, they are investing or looking to invest their hard-earned money on, which the Aspirations Group pride in having provided long before the implication of HIRA with the utmost transparency. What can be more liberating than that!


    Let the Children play: Why are Play Areas a Child’s Necessity?

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    In the field of child psychology, it is said that a child starts adapting and adopting his environment when he is only eighteen years old. His cognitive abilities start to grow with creative interaction with his environment. Beyond parental interaction, what is necessary for a kid is to engage in playfulness. Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata facilitates your child with the world of imagination and with our play areas your kid’s physical vitalities will start to build up.

    Take a look at how we empower your child while safeguarding and nourishing him simultaneously:

    Developing social necessities:

    The first step towards healthy growth is to let your child interact socially. With the ability to interact comes the idea of confidence. Aspirations new flats for sale in Rajarhat provides your kids with specifically effective playgrounds crafted with sand and grass. We will help your child to boost up his self-esteem. With proper socialization, the child eventually learns societal values and the ideas of fair play, losing or even winning.

    Active physical and mental growth:

    Aspirations outdoor playgrounds are constructed with such utmost care that the youngsters remain protected and free of dangers. Children can easily engage in games like hide & seek, hop-scotch and cricket which will eventually help them with cardiovascular endurance. Physical health, in turn, empowers the mental aspect as your child learns skill acquisitions. With Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata, your physically active kids will become academically oriented.


    The outside world has always provoked an inquisitive child to question oneself. He ponders upon the growth of the grass, the coolness of shadows, and the downward movement on a slide or even questions the inability of sand to hold up a stick. His education then becomes an unconscious process. He starts to learn and interpret all the sciences that are visible and seem extensively playful. Questions eventually turn into self-reflexivity and he grows as a creative genius.

    Indulges in creativity:

    Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata with its pleasing aesthetics kindle your ward’s creative imagination. The indoor play areas provide a cold cozy comfort on rainy days or from the scorching heat. Indoor games are helping to facilitate a child’s intelligent quotient and emotional quotient. There are socio-dramatic pieces of equipment like playhouses where a child learns to impose, restructure, configure, adapt upon existing structures.

    Choose Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata to provide your child with the best amenities.

    How Does Glass Furniture Revolutionize Your Living Experience?

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    The recent trend asks you to consume glass furniture so that your rooms breathe sophistication and elegance. From

    the workplace to home, people nowadays utilize glass furniture to render a captivating look inside their home. When your plan is to opt for Aspirations new flats for sale in South Kolkata, implementing glass furniture can make your room look reviving and energetic. There are a wide range of variety of glasses, which can be utilized for various purposes, impacts and stylisation. With the improvement in scientific procedures, glasses are now no more fragile but made sturdy and toughened.

    If you are looking to add a touch of sophistication, read along to get an idea about how to implement glass furniture:

    Living room or drawing room:

    When one enters your drawing or your, the first thing one notices is the center table. A minimalistic yet elegant design can impart an aesthetic grandeur. Although different structures and designs are available, an Eclipse sort of variation can provide you with a modern style articulation. The base of the center table can be made of walnut wood while the top is tempered glass. When you are availing one of the Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata, it is you who would decide how you will garnish your dream.


    With a kitchen the first idea that comes to our mind is cleanliness. Glass furniture is easy to clean. The idea of storage involves the notion of concealment, hiding everything from view. However, there are always certain things that we would love to flaunt in front of our guests. Glass cabinets make your things obvious and your friends and guests can see them at whatever point you like while keeping things without dust. Glass furniture also simulates vacant space giving you the image of spaciousness. Delve into the world of glasses with Aspirations upcoming residential flats in South Kolkata.


    The bedroom is associated with intimacy and rest. Vintage glass lamps can render the look of active passivity to your private moments. A single table with nothing but the lamp is aesthetically pleasing. Glass shelves displaying books or antiques are also an intriguing choice. A bedroom somewhat desires the presence of a mirror. Symmetrical or asymmetrical mirrors with wooden framework add grandeur to your moments of privacy. Get in touch with Aspirations flats for sale in South Kolkata and relive your glorious reflections.

    Without reflexion and images perhaps human existence will cease to exist. With Aspirations new flats for sale in South Kolkata, create a glass menagerie of your dreams.


    The Usability and The Sophistication About Sofas: How to Place Them?

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    The second stage in garnishing your dream house is to place your furniture in perfect combination. Being the most crucial and primary sitting arrangement, you should know how to arrange sofas and make your family life with the best real estate developers in Kolkata a bit more fascinating and dreamy.

    The centre:

    Choosing a centre for your living room is crucial and more often than not, the focal point is that of the TV unit. A combination of three-seater sofa with two singles can give you a perfect symmetry with its face towards the TV. Nonetheless, you can also choose your balcony or a wall with artwork as your centre. The idea is to converge the space taken up by sofas so as to generate intimacy. You can implement this idea at Aspirations 3 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata.

    Proportion and balance:

    In life, the order is necessary to make things fall in space. The idea of intimacy also has a grounding in a balance between balance and harmony. Since sofas are meant to generate conversations, an optimum separation of 2 feet is recommended. It not only revitalises conversations but also enables the fluid movement of your guests. Placing a coffee table is also a recurrent choice but must be separated by at least 15 inches. Since you are planning to buy Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata, adding symmetry to your dream becomes important.


    As sofas are primarily large furniture, their placements should be such that they do not block the passage in your living room or cause a hindrance in entering or leaving. If you have thought of placing sofas near your door, it is always better to place them against the wall keeping an optimum separation. Sofas must not look cluttered and add to space crunch.

    Wall specific:

    This adds drama to your room but the choice should be artistic. Black leather sofas with slender design give you an in-vogue look. Sofas with matte fabric and lighter shades of grey grow well with darker wall shades. Dark walls are always desirous of anything that is of neutral colours. Do not forget to maintain spaces between your walls and the sofa of your 4 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata to give the airy feel.

    With the aimed grandeur in mind, sofas play an integral part in shaping your desired sophistication and usability, ushering in with the warmth of comfort and wellbeing. Indulge in the glory of living with Aspirations, the best real estate developers in Kolkata.


    Glorify Your Home Decor with Copper

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    Recently, copper has been evolving as one of the happening home décor elements and is being utilized by many interior designers to give homes an enriching look and feel. If you want to create a rustic essence in your 3 BHK flat in South Kolkata, then opt for copper accents to indulge in the charms of the age-old era. Give, your space a significant vintage vibe with this element that can quickly add warmth and elegance to your interiors.

    Let’s look at the interesting ways in which you can add copper to your home.  

    Copper Wall

    Glorify your bedroom by adding a stunning copper plank wall behind the bed and create an exquisite interior design in your new flat in South Kolkata. Imbue a rustic yet modern décor in your bedroom with this plank wall, highlighting the energy in your home.

    Pro Tip:

    Create layers (horizontal or vertical) with this metal in the background  

    Copper Pendant Lights

    This rose-gold element with undertones of orange can be the perfect holder for pendant lights, which you can fix in your living room or dining hall. Create the perfect spot for couching with these statement-making light hangings where you can sit comfortably on your sofa and read your favourite novella or, just sit and have a relaxing conversation with your family members. You can also place these copper pendant lights in your dining room above the dining table, giving the room a restaurant like feeling.

    Pro Tip:

    Place copper plates on the dining table to make a palatial statement.  

    Copper Pots

    Add greeneries to your home to make it look vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. Copper pots are an excellent idea to place all your indoor plants. Invest in different shapes of planters like square and round, and keep them in one corner of the room or put them up on shelves to add charm to your 3 BHK flat in South Kolkata.

    Pro Tip:

    Place copper planters with photo frames, books, or curios in a wooden shelf and keep the set up in one corner of the room against a wall to make your space look interesting.


    Copper Feature Wall

    Highlight an accent wall in your hall room with copper frames, pudding molds with different motifs, mirrors with copper frames and tribal signs like a copper arrow. You can hang copper masks of animals like an elephant or a lion, which will be the focal point and place frames or small curios alongside it.

    Another simple way of doing your accent wall is by placing copper plates with small mirrors to create a game of light and reflections in your living room. This will make your room look brighter and bigger.


    White background works best with accent walls. Do not place copper elements on a dark or wallpaper background. Then you will lose the focus from the actual details.  

    Copper Sinks

    Glam up your kitchen by adding a drop-in copper sink and the monotonous combination of the black and white kitchen. Also, an added advantage of adding a copper sink instead of its stainless steel counterpart is that copper possesses anti-microbial properties. It is a better choice for those who wash their vegetables and fruits in the sink.

    Pro Tip:

    Indulge in white marble countertops with a copper tap for the sink. So, it’s time to revamp your 3 BHK flat in South Kolkata and add a touch of copper to it to bring about elegance and luxury.   If you found this blog helpful, keep watching this space for more such interior decoration ideas by the Aspirations Group.

    Add a Stunning Gallery Wall in Your New Flat in Kolkata

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    With a plethora of choices to spoil you with, have you recently taken a glance at the New Flat in Kolkata? Built with a futuristic vision and laced with luxurious amenities, these properties can be perfect abode for you and your loved ones. Now, you must be thinking about how to do the interiors of your apartment to make it look even more majestic and enthralling so that it compliments with your style of living. The Aspirations Group has the right remedy for all your worries. Gallery Walls!

    Yes, gallery walls can be quite interesting to make your space look amazing. Infuse patterns and colours in your newly purchased apartment and show off your artistic skills in an exquisite manner. Create a display wall in your home and make it look lively by putting up photographs from your favourite vacation, family portraits, paintings, mirrors, vintage dishes or patterned metal hangings. It can be anything unconventional that will highlight your experiences or, make you go back in time and help you cherish some fond memories. Start by decorating an accent wall in your apartment, preferably in your living area. This is a great idea for doing a gallery wall as it will be readily visible to everybody, who visits your place. Keep it minimalistic and chic to draw attention. Also, this is an easy way to create a feeling of warmth and comfort in your home.

    Let’s look at the few ways of creating a great gallery wall brought to you by the most trusted real estate developers in Kolkata, the Aspirations Group.  

    Keep the Colour Going

    The key to an excellent design is to choose the right colour that melts aptly with the mood of your space. You can use bright poppy colours like pinks or yellows to give your area a teenage feel. For example, you can hang pictures in pink frames or put up a wall art having a bright crimson shade and compliment it with metallic art pieces or add a golden rusted mirror to add charm to the place.

    You can use subtle tones if you are planning to decorate your home with a vintage style. Hang some copper artistic elements against a muted yellow or grey background and add frames having dark colours. This will enrich your living room and make it dynamically astounding.

    Think Thematically

    Displays having a particular theme can be admiring. Pick up a theme of your choice and stick by it. Like, for example, if you’re an animal lover, then you can put up animal sketches, paintings or metallic knockers of an animal face.

    Make your living or dining room look more polished by adding a themed gallery wall. Neutral themes are incredibly adaptive and can go well with all types of designs. Pair it with contrasting textures like wooden frames or a silver mirror to reflect the light and make a stunning, unique statement.

    Bring Order to Chaos

    A disorderly fashioned gallery wall can be more attractive than an ordered one. Maintain the consistency, yet connect all the different objects to strike the right note. Keep your editorial eye open and add objects that have a certain amount of similarity.

    You can design an accent wall by placing pictures of monuments, antique mirrors, portraits, bone china plates with floral motifs, or curio. Place these elements along with simple black frames against a matte white background to define the consistency, yet leaving space for creativity and innovation. Add the right furniture units to pull out a great living space in your home.

    So, why wait any longer? Buy your dream home and choose from the best upcoming residential projects in Kolkata to flaunt your artistic skills. Don’t forget to add a gallery wall to your home and make your living more extraordinary!


    The Fabric of the Neighbourhood: How Does it Empower You?

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    Living a happy and fruitful life does not quite stand alone. What matters most is where you are living, by who are you surrounded by and what beneficiaries can you reap from your nearby. Aspirations promise you a good neighbourhood that will empower your dream to stay in one of its best residential projects in Kolkata.

    • The social circle with its human touch comes into foreplay. What man desires is always a better community living. A helping hand during an emergency is the most humane thing to expect. Aspirations 4 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata are located in the prime areas of higher capital growth and places with deep ethnic roots. Residing in such homes will eventually help in your business networking and enhance your cultural engagements. Good neighbours are psychological healers.
    • The best residential projects in Kolkata must have necessary appendages. A quality choice of schools and colleges often drives potential buyers in any prime location. Aspirations projects in South Kolkata and North Kolkata promises you with maximum educational benefits. Putting your child into one of the best institutions without the hassle of long journeys is what every parent dreams of.
    • Dreams are further empowered with financial support. Living within the proximity of your work culture is again a feeling of empowerment. Rajarhat is now a technological hub beaming with world-class technocrats. Aspirations new flats for sale in Rajarhat are located within the IT (Information Technology) vicinity, well connected to Salt Lake and Newtown being the other technological hubs.
    • Connectivity again becomes the primary concern. Aspirations Grandeur, premium flats for sale in South Kolkata, are located off Sarat Bose Road, at a distance of a few minutes’ drives from Minto Park, Gariahat, Hazra Crossing and Quest Mall. On the other hand, Aspirations Elegance, Azalea and Orchid are intersected by Hazra Road, Lake Road and Rash Behari Avenue. The Southern fringes are again connected with Kolkata Metro services and with Sealdah with important roads for the fastest transportation.
    • The self remains half fulfilled without a life of entertainment. Planning for a Sunday brunch yet your favourite café seems quite far away is always disappointing. The premium residential projects have its nearest proximities to well-known restaurants, pubs, theatre halls, multiplexes, malls like Quest Mall and clubs. You will always get the scope of replacing out fatigue with rejuvenation.

    Aspiring a good neighbourhood is the key to healthy living. Venture out and explore the meaning of life with Aspirations residential projects.


    Open Plan Kitchen: Why is it Preferable?

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    With the change in patterns of innovation, construction plans have also changed to incorporate more intimacy within four walls of your house. It is from this notion that the conception of kitchens which is one of the most cornered spaces has taken a revolutionary turnover. The idea of closed kitchen space is now becoming obsolete with new flats in Kolkata for sale opting for an open kitchen plan. The question is how such a plan is preferable and beneficial?


    Never be separated:

    It has been a recurrent problem that the one to cook has always been separated from his or her family, friends or guests. The open format allows you to interact with your dear ones while you are busy cooking. Instead of being cornered into a different room, missing out on the fun, the open format allows you to prepare your gourmet meal while successfully playing out the role of the host. Again, if you have children at your place, you will also be able to monitor their activities. With Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata, you are empowered with multitasking!


    Easy accessibility:

    Life is easier with open plan kitchens. The dining space remains connected with your kitchen giving you direct and seamless access. Serving dinners to your family, friends or guests becomes easier and hassle-free. This again prevents food spills and accidents.



    Open kitchen systems are welcomed as spacious planning. Two main areas including your dining area and your living room come together with your kitchen. The impression that is generated is of a larger, aired and lighter room. However, the point that is to be kept in mind is that in such an open framework, even your kitchen becomes an element of the display. Thus, maintaining things proper and clean will set things right. Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata bestows you with a clutter-free



    An open planned kitchen has no hidden corners, unlike a closed planned kitchen. Cleaning becomes easier with such planning. Since it’s a continuation of the same floor, such a design is optimised for maximum cleanliness with hygiene coming into foreplay.

    Running multiple errands together without missing out on precious family time is what everybody desires. Be it mending your child or cooking for your guests, these acts which seem so very different are now brought under the same plane. Get in touch with Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale and explore the latest innovations.


    Fitness Rooms: Health is Wealth

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    An increasing obsession with staying fit is in vogue, and thus Aspirations flats for sale in Kolkata are equipped with modern fitness equipment with the motto of providing a healthier tomorrow. Aspirations fitness rooms are designed to cater both the young and the old, male and the female- for the aged, gentler disciplines like yoga are arranged while for women intensive weight-loss equipment are brought into concern.

    Why are fitness rooms important in residential projects?


    Variations in equipment:

    Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata is equipped with free weights, weight benches, treadmills, resistance machines and cardio-vascular machines. One can choose and train himself with the choicest equipment. Moreover, the most crucial aspect is that you will be bestowed with quality trainers too!

    Safe environment:

    Once your desired fitness centre comes home, your worries about travelling outside to workout in rain or scorching heat become nullified. Your exercise bike or even the treadmill is now just a door away. Aspirations as the most trusted real estate developers in Kolkata provides you with the safest and most comfortable environment for a workout with hygienic and premium quality equipment that prevents accidental injury.

    Stay connected:

    Group workout sessions are often held where interaction with your co-partner becomes vital. Group yoga sessions are held where you get to choose the level according to your preference. Since chalking out a routine for exercises often stands tough to maintain when you are alone, it is always better to make friends out there. Getting healthier and remaining fit together is a fun-filled experience. The sense of togetherness motivates you into performing better. Jogging together will keep you away from problems with blood pressure, cycling together will eventually keep your body flexible and strengthen your muscles.

    Other benefits:

    As the old maxim goes, good things happen to those who sweat, a daily routine of workout will eventually boost up your memory cells increasing your sharpness eventually providing you with ample confidence. It will strengthen your heart and keep you away from metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes being one of the most recurrent problems in the current age. Aspirations flats for sale in Kolkata promises to provide you with the maximum out with top-notch standards.

    Staying fit at the end of every day is what anybody will desire. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind which regulates your familial and every vital relationship. Do not wait to think, engage with Aspirations to explore a fit and productive living.


    Validate Your Luxury by Using Plush Curtains

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    Luxury must be complemented with aesthetics and dreams must be garnished with pleasing looks. If you are thinking of being a part of Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata, you must consider the usages of setting up plush curtains in your rooms. Beyond adding glory and grandeur to your rooms, curtains work to preserve privacy and even control light and temperature. Here’s a quick guide to how curtains liven up your rooms:

    Adds vigour:

    Choosing the right fabric is always important. A curtain with cotton panel allows the optimum passage of light is making it suitable for drawing rooms. Cotton curtains add energy to your rooms. While linen dissipates light making them obtuse and can be installed in bedrooms. The visible creases of the linen-made curtains stand most appealing to the viewers’ eyes. Curtains made of blending like silk and linen are often artistic as it captures both the wrinkle of linen and the seamlessness of silk. If you are thinking of ordering one of the apartments for sale in Kolkata, a correct choice can better manufacture your dream.

    Amplifies space:

    You have often thought of changing the interior of your room but also have thought about the probable expenses. Using curtains to improve the look of rooms is always a preferable option. As recolouring walls might stand expensive, curtains with elegant looks come handy both with its aesthetic appeal and durability. If you are thinking of renovating your rooms while at your stay with Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata get acquainted with the colour, style or fabrics of curtains.

    Works as heat and sound insulator:

    Moving beyond the beatification, curtains with block-out mechanism tend to avoid the loss of heat during winters and block out the excess of temperature during summer from infiltrating in. Such curtains are also beneficial for a good night’s sleep and your child’s room. Using multiple layers of the curtain can block out sound too and can be used for living rooms.

    Secures privacy:

    Curtains have an intrinsic property of providing you with a sense of privacy and intimacy. Rooms that can be viewed from outside can be blocked by using curtains. The luxury of curtains can also add romance to your bedroom and spice up every conversation across your living room.

    As you choose Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata, nourish your wish of living in a luxurious dream with exotic décor and search the meaning of life.


    Tech Freak: Gadgets That You Should Have by The Beginning of The New Year

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    Since technology stands as an extension to beings, getting hold of the coolest inventions can make your life less hectic. Smartphones starting with, the world is now run by voice commands, and through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). If technological empowerment is a fundamental concern, try out these in-vogue gadgets and become tech-savvy with Aspirations luxury buildings in Kolkata.

    Google Home or Amazon Echo:

    To start with the essential gadget, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa will continuously help you keep track of your daily errands. You can relax and let them take control of your memory and do things that are not that essential. They can book your cab, order online or even fix a meeting with your doctor. Even if you are bored at home without human company, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa will sing you songs or play games!

    Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb:

    What is more appealing than a colourful life? With this product coming at a dirt-cheap price, you can choose your preferred bulb colour out of 16 million colours. You can also set the temperature too! What you need is just the mobile application for the same to get you engaged. Smart living must accompany high end properties in Kolkata and when colour can be oriented with mood, missing out on this isn’t advisable.

    Air Purifier:

    Although air purifiers are not new, they have again become trendy with Kolkata topping as the most polluted city in 2018. Protect your living with Aspirations top residential project in Kolkata by getting hold of one either by Phillips or by Mi. Their circulation system can suck in pollutants within a range of 30m² to 50m². It’s already time that you start treating your lungs!

    Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick:

    If you are one of them in love with the concept of television or large screens, one of these devices is recommended to help you switch between your phone, PC and your television. Get access to your favourite TV shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or even Google Play seamlessly. What you need is just a USB port for your TV. Moreover, you can also project your PC on your TV through Wi-Fi and work flawlessly.

    As life progresses towards an easier tomorrow, equip your family with these technologies to provide them with maximum comfort and make your living with Aspirations luxury buildings in Kolkata a breath-taking experience.


    Bookshelves: Books and Style Go Hand in Hand

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    That books and style often go together is a relatively unexplored area. You simply do not need to be a bookworm to get your room look enigmatic with the paraphernalia of books. A minimalistic approach with punchy style is more than enough to make your living with Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata a dream attainable.

    Here are a few easy tips:



    Simple is always rejuvenating. Bookshelves are meant for books, so it’s always better not to clutter with other décor accessories unless they add to the sensed Books come in different sizes and colour which can be set in a pattern accordingly. The design need not be in order, however, randomization but maintaining balance can be incorporated for an aesthetic appeal.  


    Accessibility is again one of the primary concern. After you own Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata, the beauty of your room must be enhanced through beneficial use. It is always advisable to keep smaller books in front while stacking the larger ones behind. The other way is to apply the divide and rule policy. Separating the books according to their types, genres or authors is always commendable.  


    If you want your bookshelf to be the aesthetic center of your room, an interesting choice is to colour that particular section of the wall differently. Light colours are appreciably better as backgrounds to already colourful books as the best real estate developers in Kolkata provide you with ample opportunities to relive your bookish dreams.  


    Spaces between bookshelves and their sizes contribute to sensory pleasure. Use multiple shelves of varying spaces between each to spread out your books. Some shelves, when assigned diagonally, look mesmerizing while some in the pattern of the staircase look funky. The choice is based on your preference. Try stacking your books vertically and horizontally side by side to give that disorderly yet elegant look. Never miss out on the subtleties of life with Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata.  


    Bookshelves are better when left open. Closed bookshelves with glass doors are often prone to reflecting unnecessary light blaring out the book names. The transparency of spaces is an artistic tact while simultaneously adding easy use too vigorous readers. If an entire wall is a mini-library, try replacing books from certain shelves with antiques!

    Convert your experience with Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata into a brain-storming session as creating your collection of books is not far away.


    Flooring Ideas: Every Step Counts

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    As one enters a room, the first impression that must mesmerize your visitors with is that of your floor designs — every step that one takes but be a submission to the echoing elegance. Your aesthetics must be conditioned by the safeness that your floor promotes keep at par an easy cleaning. If you are thinking of buying Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale, check out these 4 flooring ideas to impart an artistic outlook:

    Plastic Laminate Flooring:

    One of the fastest growing flooring material, laminate flooring is highly durable, affordable with nearly least possible chances of attracting stains. This hack is perfect for your child’s room or your pet’s room and even your kitchen where food spilling options are maximum. These products are expertly designed to become UV resistance thereby increasing lifespan. A cost-effective way of mimicking premium wood or stone look, use this idea to set up specific floors of your 4 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata.  

    Cork Flooring:

    The first impression that cork floors make is that of its softness and is often used in kitchens where one has to stand for long hours. What is interesting is its affordability while one can refinish it as and when required. These flooring materials due to its chemical properties are also beneficial for people who are allergic to dust and insects. An easy maintenance solution, you can invest in cork flooring at your residential complex in Kolkata.  

    Vinyl flooring:

    A practical choice in flooring, vinyl floors are fortified against accidental slipping. These are extra waterproof when connected with concrete floors which often suffer from water seepage. They come in various formats and styles reminiscent of retro times and in-vogue traditions. A popular choice in the vinyl floor is to opt for a pattern that represents garden greenery! Sounds interesting? Keep them in mind when you are intelligent of affording Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale. Stone flooring: The most archaic style of stylising your rooms is with the use of stones. With durability standing unquestionable, stone floors or stone tiles go hand-in-hand with retro furniture and antiques. An easily cleanable option, rugs can be used to give a comfy effect for your growing children.

    As floors become the most crucial part of your home, acting as the warm harbinger for your guests and beloveds, use your creativity and the sense of aesthetic appeal to make life with Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale grand, safe and secured.


    Grandeur Can be Hidden in Your Bathrooms too

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    A bathroom is one of those secret spaces in one’s house, where freedom is associated with comfort. When you are choosing Aspirations one of the best residential projects in Kolkata, your cinematic imaginations must become real with a little effort. Here’s how:

    Cabinets and shelves:

    Since bathrooms are infamous for the notorious shortage of space, judicious management of available areas is a must without causing clutters. A wood textured cabinet can render the elegance that you need. Rather than scattering your electronic amenities around, use your closed cabinet to keep things at the place. An often overlooked space is that underneath the sink. Detachable shelves can often be handy at this space to keep things not regularly used.  


    Mirrors have been playing probably the most crucial role in human psychology. When you desire to become a part of Aspirations upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata, your destiny of meeting royalty must be self-clarifying. Mirrors when added in multiple numbers to your bathroom, invariably increase the available space through reflection. Beyond the obvious, what stands more important is the appreciation of the self while inhabiting a luxury house – it is then the glory of living meets aesthetic grandeur.  

    Fancy curtains:

    The use of curtains gives you the idea of a more privatized Hand-woven designs offer you a punchy look relevant to the elegance that you wish to share. Moreover, looking for curtains with pockets can also turn out to be handy. Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata aspires to keep you and your guests enchanted!  


    The essential aspect must look surprising. Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata provide you premium designer commodes that never fail to steal the show. Commodes are now automated, and the seats open and close according to your movements. They come now with auxiliary accessories like automatic heat controlling toilet seats or a water mixture. Moreover, the exteriors are also textured to indulge you in the appreciation of beauty.  


    This is where your bathroom starts getting interesting. Candles are no more restricted to dinner tables. Dim lights from candles can make your experience of relaxation even more breath-taking. A romance with aesthetics gets displayed in every candle-stand that you manage to incorporate to enhance the decor.

    If relaxation becomes the only agenda before a hectic start or at the end of the day, why not make it grand? Come and experience Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata.


    The Art of Feng Shui in Your Living Room

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    The concept of Feng Shui has always been an integral part of the art of living since ages. In simple terms, the idea is associated with the Chinese idea of the immanent power of Chi that keeps on pervading and flowing through spatial arrangements. With Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata, you get to make your dream come true even more enchanting by incorporating simple ideas for your living rooms.

    The power of Chi is associated with good luck, wellbeing, and prosperity and stands crucial while planning your room decor. These easy hacks will keep you going:

    Harmonious room:

    Since Feng Shui is all about the constant flowing of energy, the primary objective must be to declutter your living room. A clean room is also psychologically beneficial providing positive vibes. Start by maintaining negative spaces and removing the excesses.  

    Greener tomorrow:

    Bonsais have an essential role to play in the wellbeing of man. When you are a part of Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata, make your living energetic with sturdy plants like the jade tree or the money tree. The former not only with its good looks imparts aesthetics to your room, but also provides vibes that make your entire family happy. The latter bonsai maintain the influx of money optimum.  

    Explore colours:

    Consulting Feng Shui energy map before getting a paint job done is also essential for the flow of Chi. Living rooms when coloured with lighter shades, the reflection of energy is maximum. Shades of light yellow, red, green are important in the study of Feng Shui and when used in living rooms has shown significant improvement in relationships with better bonding. Aspirations top residential project in Kolkata are designed in accordance to Feng Shui curriculums to provide more vibrancy.  

    Strategic mirrors:

    Since mirrors play an important role in the development of the human psyche, a strategic location of the mirror within the living room makes the influx of Chi energy reflective. The rejuvenated environment starts affecting us at the unconscious level.  

    Nature together:

    Since Feng Shui is all about nature, try incorporating and honouring all the Feng Shui elements like wood, water, earth and metal within your room’s premise for a healthy and wealthy family relationship.  

    As the outside is always a defining factor for a man’s inside, unhindered flow of Chi is assured to bring joy to your life. Get in touch with Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata today.


    The Right Location is The Choicest Decision

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    The art of living is not limited only to affording a luxury house. It is correlated more to the surroundings and accessibility to other parts of the city. If life must be both peaceful and fruitful, one must be rigorous while choosing the best location for his new home. With Aspirations, dreams become attainable, but while you are planning to afford an upcoming residential apartment in Kolkata, you must keep the following points in mind:

    Safe environment:

    Since safety and security are of the primary concern, thorough research about the place you wish to inhabit in becomes the most vital aspect. Some people tend to pay less to afford a house at a relatively unsafe place, and then start expending safeguarding themselves. This habit must be made away with. Aspirations residential complexes in Kolkata are located at the city’s prime hubs where being safe is the only criteria.


    Choosing the right neighbourhood is also a fundamental point that must go in tandem with your lifestyle. Once you are aware of your necessities, choosing the right location becomes easier.  

    Work culture:

    As Kolkata is now a part of transnational informatics, choosing a home near to your office stands solely essential. Aspirations new flats for sale in Rajarhat are located amidst the busiest IT centers well connected by thoroughfares.  


    Buying a home means giving your child a place to nourish his or her dreams to grow up where knowledge is an inherent necessity. Aspirations flats for sale in South Kolkata are equipped with nearby top-notch schools providing the best education, revered colleges, and Your child can even grow up to become a bookworm amidst the National Library or the Ramkrishna Mission library.  


    Probably beyond everything else, a well-connected home is the solution to every problem. A house must be easily connected to railways, metro services, airports, markets, and A home in North Kolkata is to remain within the vicinity of Sealdah station, metro station, circular rail and airport at Dum Dum; while being in the South is to stay surrounded by the busiest roads and easy access to the northern fringes of Kolkata. With Aspirations upcoming residential apartment in Kolkata, you the promised with best available services and warmth of reception.

    Home is all about exploring relationships and new limits. Make the rightest choice while choosing Aspirations upcoming residential apartment in Kolkata and engage in the splendour of living.


    Why is South Kolkata Best for Top Residential Projects in Kolkata?

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    Most of the times, we are suffering from indecision concerning which area to pick when purchasing a home. Today, as there is an extensive variety of residential choices, consequently the perplexity becomes recurrent. For instance, if you are searching for a residential project in Kolkata, the main thing that will strike is the area, which assumes a critical part.

    Kolkata is a home to various residential projects thus now and then; it is hard to pick a flat of your decision. To get a home of your inclination, look for Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata located in the southern fringes of the city. Let us see how South Kolkata is a better choice to buy a house:

    • South Kolkata is well attached to all corners of the city. As a homebuyer, what stands more important is the prospect of connectivity with possibilities of exploration. The demand for getting hold of a home at the South is relatively higher than other fringes. The place can be simply reached from the central part of the city like Dharmatala and Sealdah through frequent buses, metros, and Aspirations has its new flats in South Kolkata with a top-notch living environment, connected by major thoroughfares like Hazra Road, Lake Road, and Rash Behari Avenue.
    • South Kolkata is a place that caters to people from different strata of lives. While Lake Gardens, Kasba, Jadavpur and Santoshpur are extreme posh areas, places like Baruipur and Taltala serve all kinds of people. Ballygaunge a balanced area in south Kolkata with a plethora of eminent educational establishments and legitimate business framework. Ballygunge is frequently favoured by the young groups of Kolkata who are searching for their family home. If you are planning to afford a luxury building in Kolkata, the South is always an open option.
    • South Kolkata is not so much congested but rather more modern when contrasted with whatever is left of the city. It is a host of exuberant lifestyles. One gets the scope of enjoying facilities from Tollygunge Club and Royal Golf Club Calcutta; indulge in the service of being a bookworm by enrolling in the hereditary National Library and Ramkrishna Mission; visit the CIMA Art Gallery and Birla Industrial and Technological Museum; and more interestingly, you have the very own Alipore Zoo as if at your doorstep!

    Engage in the splendour of living with Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata and our projects at the South will never fail to encourage you!


    4 Easy Solutions to Make Your Kitchen More Spacious

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    What is a dream kitchen like? It is not simply a space to cook but a place to gather and share moments while dining together. It is an endearing space to be shared with your family and friends. However, the sad truth is that we often encounter space crunch with small counters, cramped cooking surface, and tiny spaces for appliances. You need to be judicious with space management. When you are a part of Aspirations’ luxury buildings in Kolkata, try these simple hacks to give your kitchen a spacious look:

    Go for glass cabinets:

    We all need storage in our homes and often opt for cupboards and drawers that hide everything from view. This is often a useful solution but about those things we would like to look at daily? Glass cabinets make your things visible and you can see them whenever you like while keeping things dust-free. The glass allows you to see straight through them, making it seem like you have a much bigger space than you actually do.  

    Go for lighter colours:

    The shade of your kitchen dividers, ledges, machines, cupboards, and even the dish towels can change the look of your kitchen. For a little kitchen, pastels, whites, and lighter shades can influence it to look bigger and open. Utilizing pale hues can help reflect light and make the deception of a greater space appreciable. Use this technique for your Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata.  

    Use slender furnishings:

    A little kitchen must include little scale decorations. However, start with minimalistic decorations by picking a work island, bar seats, or stools that are outwardly lightweight and don't take up excessively floor space. Try this hack at one of your high end properties in Kolkata and you will have abundant space to move openly. Clean lines don't divert the eye, and the furniture piece enables you to see the floor, making space feel bigger.  

    Tuck shelves and cabinets within the walls:

    One of the most effortless approaches to spare space in a kitchen is to hide things inside the wall partitions. This will truly enable you to save money on space management. Tuck your pantry, shelving or cupboards flush inside the divider to keep from interfering with the kitchen's stream. Additionally, they help in keeping the ceramics, boxes, and utensils concealed away, influencing the space to look slick and mess free.

    Space is integral to living a happy life. Secure enough space to freely converse with your friends and family in your kitchen.


    Happiness Might Grow on Trees but Never Money

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    It is a well-known fact that plants are an essential part of our survival. They furnish us with nourishment, fibre, building materials, and medicine - which is an entirely helpful trick in our overtly visible contaminated, overpopulated world.

    With evolution, people are turning more indoors which is the sole reason for all troubles and turmoil. Recent studies have shown that indoor plants have a direct positive effect on the mood to counteract negativity.

    If you are a part of Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata, get hold of these four available and straightforward plants:

    Fiddle Leaf Fig: 

    Fiddle Leafs are a standout amongst the most photogenic and appealing indoor plants accessible, and to sweeten the deal, they are additionally excellent for enhancing air quality by giving out high amounts of oxygen and cleaning the air of allergens. Fiddle Leaf Figs do not require over the top watering and will flourish inside in the indirect sunlight.

    The Peace Lily:

    Arranged at the highest priority as the all-around do-gooder greens, Peace Lilies simple on the eyes. They are additionally unbelievably great at detoxifying the air of benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and smelling salts. An extraordinary place to keep a Peace Lily is in your bedroom, where its poison destroying powers will be put to great Peace Lillies are one of the natural plants to administer to. If you are planning to invest in Aspirations upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata, get hold of these.


    Known for their beautiful blossoming leaves and strong aesthetics, Philodendrons put forth a beautiful expression in any room. Like Peace Lilies, they likewise absorb large amounts of formaldehyde from the air. Philodendrons require a warm spot with a lot of bright, indirect daylight.

    Spider plant:

    As a standout amongst the most mainstream indoor botanicals, not only do Spider Plants look fantastic, they are additionally incredibly simple to watch over. Spider plants are unusually high at engrossing mould and allergens from the air and can be put to great use in zones that are inclined to dampness, for example, bathrooms and laundries.


    The bright crimson color is often an appealing stance added to your home. These masses of beautifully-hued flowers have been known for generations to cheer everybody up. The mild aroma of the geranium plant is responsible for promoting peace of mind.

    Only money does not buy you happiness. When you have invested in becoming a part of Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata avail these plants to nourish further your dream come true.


    Living Room: Your Space Should Breathe Elegance

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    A living room plays the first scope of interaction between your family and with your friends. A vital space of building up of inter-personal areas, decorate your residential complex in Kolkata to impart an eye-pleasing experience. Here’s what you need to do: Necessary of conversational areas: Rooms can be large or small, but intimacies thrive on both void and form. An excellent space is always required to facilitate a great bond. While a space crunch can be intimidating while conversing, similarly the reverse can affect the flow of thoughts. To be cozy with your friends and family, a minimum distance of 8 feet is mandatory between sofas. If you intend on creating a seating area, getting hold of many small couches is always reasonable than buying a larger one when you are considering to purchase one of the Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale.

    Consider free items:

    Tables, chairs, ottomans must not be substantial and should stand flexible with its movability. Lightweight gives you the opportunity to place them as and when required. Whether keeping coffee or a drink down or putting your feet up for a bit of relaxation, your living room becomes a favorable experience with the best residential projects in Kolkata.

    Wood carvings:

    There is an association of sophistication with every wood structure. What Woods used for wall panels can look elegantly mesmerizing while the tops of stools can render a refined sense of living.

    Coffee tables:

    If your life smells void with the touch of caffeine, consider your coffee table too. Coffee cups more often than not goes well with books, so keeping few books for display can seem presentable. Since a coffee table is the focus of any living room, considering seasonal plants for keeping atop is always a better choice. If your coffee table is large, squaring out sections to compartmentalize with decorative accessories is also another natural Garb your dream of living in a residential complex in Kolkata with these innovative ideas.

    The desire for vacancy:

    Cluttering of objects both necessary and unnecessary is tiring for the eyes. Maintaining negative space is always a wise Job in particular areas adds to a that much needed sophisticated touch. Try keeping one specific wall blank or a corner free from objects!

    These simple tricks can make your living all the more breath-taking. Try these out and discover the art of living.


    Decorate your Kid’s Room and Help Them Grow

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    Before anything else, your child’s development and improvement of cognitive skills stand as primary importance. Allot a space and decorate it with creativity to compliment your child’s natural growth. Here are few tips to decorate your kid’s room in Aspirations high end properties in Kolkata:

    1. Since every child is a collector of sorts, provide your kid with a separate chamber where he can stuff his collected items. What you can do is attach a string from one window to the other and affix with clips colorful pictures or postcards.

    2. The color white which is called a gender-neutral one can be used for your kid’s room. It has a particular sensation of warmth associated. Getting a monochrome paint job done is always in fashion, but the real deal lies in the balance. Soft textured wooden furniture can add a contrasting glory to your kid’s room. You must remember that a child’s response develops through contrasting images.

    3. If you plan to go by color stereotypes, get hold of furniture that is softer in the tone of the color blue or pink. However, the trick that can keep your child engaged is to use colorful stickers that are educative at once and beautifies your kid’s growth. As you are a part of Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata, garnish your child’s imagination to match your and his dreams.

    4. Since a child is perpetually unorganized, help him learn the skills of the organization by keeping his furniture like benches and racks at his height. Aspirations high end properties in Kolkata are equipped with such.

    5. If you are against doing a paint job remembering that kids often get bored with sameness, using wallpapers is the best option to be availed. Wallpapers are replaceable and changing them recurrently enhances your child’s cognitive aptitude. An easy hack is to get hold of glow stickers that shine at night for the child’s love of colors and patterns must not be ignored. Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata will provide ample space for your child’s inevitable growth.

    6. Children are an inherent need of companions. Getting him to hold of ample amount of toys is also a necessary criterion. Do visit nearby art and craft stores and keep your child’s room stocked with colors and pages!

    These simple tricks will provide a pleasant encounter in your child’s developmental processes. Since kids dwell in the domain of imagination, a separate space for their artistic growth is deemed vital.


    Your Bedroom: Uphold the Dreamy Retreat

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    Bedrooms are at once a place for rest after a dreary day. Be it a small one or a larger one, decorating your bedroom and your respective walls can make your room look expansive and classy. Try out these simple tricks to make your bedroom an enjoyable place to sleep or interact.

    1. Role of colors:

    The color white has an expansive effect and even if your bedroom is small or has less available space. White also has that touch of sophistication, and behavioural psychology says that these colors create a perfect ambience for overwhelming interactions. The color blue or purple is also a popular choice that has a soothing effect on sense. If you have thought of becoming a part of Aspiration’s upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata, this can be your obvious choice.

    2. A focus:

    Every room must have its focal point. For a bedroom, the head of the bed stands as the centre. Keep that area clean from clutter and place a bright and distinctly designed pillow. If the head of the bed is towards the window, you are with the cherry on the top!

    3. Minimalism:

    If you wish to make your bed the centre of attraction, choosing minimal accessories is the key to catch an attractive eye. A carved wooden artefact looks grand when places judiciously beside the bed. Aspirations luxury building in Kolkata provides you with ample opportunity to live up to your dreams.

    4. Wallpapers:

    The other way to make your bedroom look elegant is to use patterned wallpapers. Place it against the bed head and try to choose designs that are large scale. Selecting the seamless wallpaper can render a classy look. Use of floating shelves: Walls are often the best places to keep your accessories in the display. Using floating shelves is always the best options to keep your books, laptops or artefacts on screen. A set of pictures can also cater to an appealing appearance.

    5. Use of mirrors:

    Another way to make your bedroom look expansive is with the use of mirrors. While mirrors can function as an extension to your pattern, it adds a depth of field or perception to your room.

    Try out these simple tricks and engage in the glory of living while becoming a part of Aspiration’s upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata.


    Is The Location For New Flats For Sale In South Kolkata Appropriate?

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    Are you looking for new flats for sale in South Kolkata? One thing that you must be worrying you is whether the new location is suitable for you and your family. There are quite a few upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata, and they are located across different areas of the metropolitan. The cost of real estate projects in South Kolkata often depends on the field, availability of essential amenities, and the connectivity of the place with the rest of the city. Based on all these factors you will get real estate projects.

    Check for essential amenities while choosing a property

    Once you start living in a particular area, you’d need a few crucial things like markets schools for your children and sound transportation facilities for easy commuting to different parts of the city. That is why while choosing flats for sale in South Kolkata, you must check the proximity of the projects you want from your working place. You should also check the connectivity of the area from major hospitals in the city. In addition to that, you must also check whether you are choosing new flats in South Kolkata that are positioned in a well-developed area. If you check all these factors while selecting new flats for sale in South Kolkata, you are sure to get benefitted.

    Remember, established areas have better security features!

    You must be planning to shift to the new real estate projects in South Kolkata that you’ve bought, with your entire family. But is the project located amidst an already developed area in the city? It is important to note that underdeveloped or new locations provide less safety from unscrupulous people as compared to previously established places. It’s the matter of security of your family members as well as your belongings. That is the reason you need to be careful while choosing upcoming residential flats in South Kolkata. Make sure you survey the location well before booking apartments there.

    Check the green quotient

    With global warming being a thing of concern for all real estate builders, most of the upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata are taking measures to combat pollution and induce sustainability. You should, therefore, choose projects that contribute less to environmental depletion and have given much effort to gardening and intelligent use of natural resources.


    Planning to Buy a Home? Things to Consider

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    Buying a home is the ultimate dream, but this dream needs enormous investment. When you purchase your own home or becoming a part of a residential complex in Kolkata, you are not being bound by any landlord rules, thus giving you a sense of freedom. Purchasing a home is the first step towards great wealth, but you need to consider the following to secure your future.

    What can you afford?

    Affording home impacts significantly on your finances. You have a lot of upfront costs primarily like the closing costs, down payment. Be sure about your debt-to-income ratio. If investing in High end properties Kolkata is in your mind, most lenders suggest that your debt to income ratio should not exceed more than 36% and your mortgage debt alone must be less than 28% of your monthly income.

    Do you have mortgage-worthy credit profile?

    Today getting hold of a mortgage is often hard. Even if you have enough cash, you might not have the necessary credits. The essential goal while securing a mortgage is always to get the lowest interest rate on your loan. To availing the best interest rate, your credit score should be as neat as possible. Lenders do make sure that while you buy a residential complex in Kolkata you don’t exceed the maximum debt-to-income ratio.

    Did you find the right mortgage?

    When you are finding for a mortgage, you must be entirely judicious. A wrong choice can seriously affect your finances. When you are looking for flats in Kolkata for sale, you will encounter loans that come in two types: fixed and floating or variable interest rate loans. Fixed investment is stable providing you with a steady interest rate throughout. While a variable interest role change without rate stability. So choose wisely before investing.

    The perfect Down Payment

    While you understand the type of loan you are looking for, you should necessarily consider the down payment. A minimum down payment of 20% of the price of your home is required for any conventional loans. When you put less than 20% down on a traditional loan, you will need a Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). This is risk-based insurance, where better the credit history lower is your premium.

    So while you choose, Aspirations premium residential complex in Kolkata be utterly prudent with all the necessary monetary criterions. Buying a home is adding meaning to life so make your living worth it. Try to avoid the wrong choices in life.


    How And Why is Vastu Being Incorporated In Complex Living In Kolkata?

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    Mass housing Kolkata is a reality now. Many new residential and commercial projects are being erected throughout the city to combat housing shortages. Many more people are migrating to the town in search of work or a better living standard. These people often face many issues in their day-to-day lives. There are problems in the house that usually destroys the peace of mind as well as lead to health issues among the people living in the house. And, for all these, the experts are blaming the vastu of the buildings that are being designed and erected.

    Why is vastu important?

    Humans have always lived incompatibility with nature. Creating this harmony is what precisely this vastu does. Vastu along with the beauty of the architecture creates the best community living Kolkata, and some of the real estate groups are paying a lot of attention to the factor. With buyers becoming more and more aware of the importance of vastu in the real estate, there has been a growing demand for vastu compliant properties.

    How are buyers choosing vastu compliant properties?

    Whether it is for commercial use or use residential purposes, these days the real estate buyers are choosing to go only for flats in Kolkata for sale that are vastu compliant. Buying a property whether, for an office space or residential purposes, it is immensely important that you get a positive vibe about the property as well as the vibrations of the house should be positive. If you happen to choose some high-end properties Kolkata that are vastu compliant, the project will bring the much-needed beneficial energy, tranquillity, good prosperity as well as abundance in life.

    According to a reputed property portal, around 90% of the home buyers who are looking for luxury buildings Kolkata are looking for homes that have been built according to the vastu principles. That is probably the reason why the biggest builders in the city who are participating in the mass housing Kolkata are implementing at least the basic principles of vastu while designing the layout or the floor plans.

    When should vastu be applied to a construction project?

    The best community living Kolkata should start implementing vastu and its principles right from the laying of the foundation of the construction project. However, you can always demand some alterations within your apartment as per your vastu believes, but without disturbing the primary structure of the construction.


    A Greener Life: Choose these Affordable Plants to Decorate your Home

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    We often wonder about the minimalistic décor for our homes. But how many of us consider buying plants with health benefits for their room?  If you are a part of a top residential project in Kolkata and wish to make your rooms a bit green and healthy with natural life, try these inexpensive not hard-to-find greens for your home:

    Bamboo Palm:

    Houseplants are all natural humidifiers. A Bamboo Palm with its robust look is an all-rounder in keeping your atmosphere clean. While it adds a touch of green to your room, it sweeps the air of formaldehyde.

    Aloe Vera:

    A natural choice, the sharp look of Aloe Vera lessens the thorns of life. When you are up for the succulent game, keep this potted plant near the window and reap its medical benefits. Keep it beside a window for maximum sunlight!

    Snake Plant:

    Adding a vertical touch to your rooms, Snake Plant offers an architectural element to your space. This bedroom plant is a natural air purifier and can even thrive with weeks of neglect. When you own home from the most trusted real estate developers in Kolkata, Aspirations, you can always aspire to a greener life!

    Spider Plant:

    Best way to place a spider plant is to hang them in baskets! It is again a natural air purifier. And more interestingly, it adds to the aesthetic value with its pretty white flowers.


    One of the most easily adaptable plants, Pothos is also very flexible can be placed on a table, hung from baskets or can also be made to creep along poles. If you are a part of Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata, do not forget to add the aesthetic appeal to your balconies.

    Chinese Evergreen:

    At once a health-conscious plant, Chinese Evergreen plants are known to emit high amounts of oxygen making it an excellent option for those suffering from allergies and asthma. However, the sap from the leaves might be poisonous, so keep them away from pets and kids.

    Dumb Cane:

    Cultivated all around the world, Dumb Canes adds to the aesthetic appeal with its contrasting white and green shades. However, this plant can be slightly intolerant to the intense heat of Kolkata and thus needs a sky filter. Since you have already chosen Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata, you can always make you're living a little more exquisite.

    Choose from these and make your life with Aspirations top residential project in Kolkata healthier.


    Five Reasons Why North Kolkata is the Best Place to Buy a Home

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    There is a hushed battle that goes along the streets of Kolkata where the people of North split-hairs with the people of the South Kolkata. North Kolkata has a particular odour of history and culture that runs through its narrow meandering lanes and hundreds of century-old buildings. Let’s see how North Kolkata secures the best place to own a residential complex in Kolkata.


    When you own a house in North Kolkata, one is bestowed with a proper road, railway, and air-connectivity. Sealdah railway station, one of the largest and busiest train hubs in India is a part of North Kolkata. It also hosts the newly built Kolkata railway station. Moreover, as the prime communication centre, Dum Dum does justice with its international airport, domestic airport, metro railway, and circular rails.  

    College Street:

    A prime location for all ages, College Street is the educational and cultural hub. It is a house to the top-notch heritage institutions like the University Of Calcutta, Calcutta Medical College, Presidency College, Sanskrit College, Hare School, and Hindu School. The streets also lead a stroller among the yellow-paged books’ shops. A paradise for book-lovers, College Street, brags itself as the largest second-hand book market in the world. Moreover, it is also the home to the Indian Coffeehouse, a favourite hangout place for all ages.  


    One of the fast-growing satellite cities, Rajarhat is home to top-notch luxury buildings in Kolkata. As an educational hub, Rajarhat boasts with premium universities and schools. It also considered the busiest IT center of Kolkata with a host of multinational companies and well-connected roads.  

    Street Food:

    Every turn that you take through the North Kolkata alley, you are bound to stop by the eateries. If you are a foodie, the Northern part is the best to own a residential complex in Kolkata. You will also have access to the famous Chinese-based Tiretta Bazar which smells with a range of lip-smacking chicken Momos, Pork Momos, Shu Mei, Sausages, Prawn wafers, Tai Paos, Fried dough sticks, and Chicken Rolls.  


    Considered as the citadel of the Bengali aristocracy, it is a central communication hub with its five-point crossing. You will also get a host of shops selling jewellery to delicious foods.

    If you are looking for one of the high end properties in Kolkata, you can always choose the oldest part of the city which is dipped both in cultural heritage and warm reception.


    Choosing the Right Amenities for Real Estate Projects in South Kolkata

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    If you are planning to invest real estate projects in South Kolkata, you need to check all the available amenities of the projects and compare those. It is ideal to have some of the facilities in the 2 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata that you are looking for. You might have always dreamt of having a swimming pool near your apartment. So, while looking for 3 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata, you must see for one having an adjacent pool.

    Choosing the right amenities

    Every reputed residential complex in Kolkata has certain essential facilities like an advanced security system installed, 24x7 electricity back-up, and constant water supply. However, apart from that some of the most trusted real estate developers Kolkata are offering extras. So, you can have amenities like an AC community hall, a garden, or children play area within the residential complex. There are some complexes with gymnasium, sports area, and clubhouses.

    What should you look for before buying an apartment?

    If you are planning to invest in upcoming residential flats in South Kolkata, you must see the planning in the beginning while choosing and comparing properties. This would help you to decide on the amenities you should opt for. While some flats for sale in South Kolkata may not have a community hall, others may have an AC community hall attached. So, you need to compare projects and decide whether you need any unique amenities in the project you are choosing for buying. You should ask the builder directly about the facilities available with the plan. At the time of possession and final settlement, you must check whether you have been provided all the promised facilities in the complex you have chosen to invest.

    Price as per the amenities provided

    You must remember that the cost of the apartment or the 4 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata that you have chosen will depend on the number of amenities being provided. That is the reason you must make sure that you are selecting facilities as per your requirements. However, often there are certain common amenities like swimming pool, community hall, and gymnasium, which are not optional for homebuyers. But there may be optional amenities like a false ceiling or a choice of wall paint that you can choose according to your specific requirements.

    So, good luck with home hunting. Wish you a home that has all the amenities that you’ve always asked for.

    Deciding the Colors of the Walls of a Property for Sale in Kolkata

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    The colors of the walls of your home have a dramatic effect on the moods of the people living inside and also help to make a good impression on the guests. If you are looking for property for sale in Kolkata, in addition to checking the vastu compliance, prices, and the amenities that the project provides, check the colors that the builder puts on both the exterior and interior walls. Most of the new residential projects in Kolkata are making color choices based on what the potential buyers would prefer. That is the reason you need to check whether any upcoming residential projects in Kolkata is opting for the color combinations that you favor.

    Choosing dark shades on walls

    Some of the best residential projects in Kolkata are following a trend to use dark tones on certain interior walls. It is a misconception that painting a wall dark will make the rooms look smaller than they are. Instead, using the right choice of shade and with proper lighting afterward, one can get the opposite effect. Take suggestions from an experienced interior designer on the choice of colors for the internal walls of your home. It is advisable that you use a dark shade as the backdrop of a painting or an art piece.

    Using the space correctly

    Before deciding on the colors for your interiors, you must visit the unfinished apartment, look around and think of the ways you’d use each provided space.  You will want to create an entirely different atmosphere in your bedroom as compared to your dining space. You may choose softer colors for the study and use vibrant, warm, energetic colors for the drawing room. Most of the upcoming residential projects in Kolkata are following this pattern. However, if you wish to create a different ambiance, you must ask the builder to make alterations even before the walls get whitewashed.

    Colors of the exterior walls

    Most of the upcoming residential projects in Kolkata will not let you choose a different external color for your apartment. The whole building or the project gets the same color or tone as per planning. So, it might be hard to find a property for sale in Kolkata that allows you to have a different paint on the outside walls. However, if you are choosing villas and duplex, you may get a chance to paint the external walls as per your wish. Most importantly, talk to your builder to get the best help!


    Aspirations Grandeur – Topnotch Apartment for Sale in South Kolkata

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    Molded into B+G+12 premium residential apartments, the name Aspirations Grandeur is symptomatic of the grand style of living. Representing a life of lavishness and superior comfort, Aspiratons Group most-awaited flats become the symbols of luxury. Packed with comfort and warm-heartedness, the new apartment for sale in South Kolkata are placed at a primary location of Palit Street (off Sarat Bose Road). Grandeur stands at a prime juncture with 5 minutes drive from Minto Park, 4 minutes drive from Gariahat and Hazra crossing, and 7 minutes drive from Quest Mall.

    Grandeur, one of the Aspirations’ high end properties in Kolkata brags itself with impeccable features compounded with modern amenities. The awe-inspiring characteristics are:


    This luxury building in Kolkata is structured with R.C.C frames that provide extra security by resisting earthquakes.  


    Premium quality products have been used to enhance the friction and grip.  

    Common Area:

    Granite and imported marbles have been used for lift facia/ corridors/ stairs.  


    Imported marbles have been vigorously used in living, dining, master bedroom and other rooms. The balcony and kitchen are plated with vitrified tiles.  


    Antiskid tiles have been utilized for flooring to improve friction.  

    Doors and Windows:

    Being one of the Aspirations’ best residential projects in Kolkata, the rooms are equipped with proper ventilation. The main door is crafted with polished teak veneer shutter polish on both sides. Flush shutters have been used for all doors. The windows are sliding and made of aluminium.  


    Each washroom is designed with a single lever, hot and cold water mixture basin. All toilets come with single lever CP shower units. Health Faucets have also been assigned. All come with best available quality.  

    Paint job:

    The apartment comes with a textured finish and exterior finish.  

    Electrical facilities and security systems:

    The whole compound is wired with fire-resistant wires, designed with electrical modular switches. Each room, living, and bedrooms are assigned to one TV point and one air AC point. Also, each apartment comes with the full-power backup generator (at a little extra cost). The apartments are protected by round-the-clock CCTV surveillance.  


    Every room is equipped with telephonic ports for better communications. Even, each room is assigned with intercom directly connected to security rooms.  

    Other Key Elements:

    Modern technologies have been used for waterproofing. And Grandeur provides AC community hall too.  

    Aspirations’ Grandeur, the best-in-class flats for sale in South Kolkata promises epicurean living. Come and indulge yourselves in the luxurious fantasy.


    Colour Psychology in Aspirations Group’s High End Properties in Kolkata

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    The seven hues of the spectrum have been playing the most defining role in determining one’s cognitive responses. Colours are inseparable from moods and when the right colour is appropriated to the right room, Aspirations Group’s high end properties in Kolkata become the creative healer by conditioning the psyche. Here goes the feature associated with each colour:


    At once a colour of passion, it stimulates adrenaline rush.

    To use:

    Best suited for living rooms or dining rooms, the colour red induces intense conversation. A colour of self-confidence, it causes great When used in the entryway, the colour creates the maximum positive impression.

    Not to use:

    It is advisable that bedrooms be spared of this colour, for it is too stimulating for nocturnal darkness.  


    The colour of the sun.

    To use:

    Yellow symbolizes joy and happiness. A perfect choice for dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, the colour at once reenergizes and revitalizes the spirit.

    Not to use:

    Although the colour of delight, it stimulates nerves causing temperamental uses. It is advisable that the colour is restricted to interactive rooms.  


    The colour of balmy peace.

    To use:

    The colour reduces metabolic rate and therefore is preferred mainly for bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Not to use:

    The darker shades of blue tend to induce sadness and therefore, while choosing blue as a primary colour, one must go for lighter shades.  


    The optimum colour used for Aspirations Group’s best residential projects in Kolkata create a balanced life.

    To use:

    The colour of harmony, freshness, growth and fertility, the colour green adds restfulness to the human Family room or living room, this colour unites minds across tables, bringing a harmonious togetherness. The colour can be used in the kitchen to for it caters to a cooling effect.

    Not to use:

    Inducing positivity especially, this colour has no restrictions.  

    Indigo and Purple:

    The colours of sophistication. Aspirations Group’s premium flats in Kolkata for sale offer the life of lavishness symbolized by these colours.

    To use:

    The colour is associated with creativity and deepens the sense of humanity. A perfect colour for contemplation, it suits all bedrooms.

    Not to use:

    Even though indigo falls near to blue in the spectrum, unlike the latter, it does not affect moods and can be used

    Aspirations Group’s top residential projects in Kolkata are crafted in accordance to human psychology to enhance livelihood. Come and find the meaning of life in Aspirations Group’s high end properties in Kolkata.


    Elegance: New Flats in South Kolkata Featuring Life of Stylish Elegancy

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    Crafted into G+6 premium residential apartments, Aspirations Elegance boasts its new flats in South Kolkata with a top-notch living environment. A lavish life coupled with newest upcoming amenities, provide its homebuyers a much needed secured comfort. One of the most-awaited epitomes of luxury life, Aspirations’ Elegance situated at a primary location of Bakul Bagan Road (off Sarat Bose Road) is well squared off by major thoroughfares like Hazra Road, Lake Road, and Rash Behari Avenue.

    This luxury building in Kolkata pledges to provide the best living conditions crafted with latest features and specifications drenching its buyers with inherent feelings of a warm welcome. Being one of the top residential projects in Kolkata, Elegance mesmerizes its homebuyers with impeccable features. The breathtaking characteristics are:


    Aspirations’ Elegance is one of the superior new flats in South Kolkata, is designed with earthquake resistant R.C.C frame structure that doubles up your security.  


    A combination of vitrified tiles/ marbles/ granite has been vigorously used for flooring corridors and stairs, imparting stunning visuals. All rooms are plated with top quality Indian marbles inducing the elegance. Antiskid tiles have been used for the washrooms.  


    The toilets are equipped with single lever hot and cold water mixture basins. Single lever CP shower units and Health Faucets have been assigned to each toilet. Using the best brands available Elegance caters to the list of being one of the best residential projects in Kolkata.  

    Doors and Windows:

    The well-ventilated rooms are equipped with polished teak veneer shutter on both sides of the main door. The windows come with aluminium siding.  

    Security Systems and Electrical facilities Facility:

    Security is no more a distant ideal. The flats will come with CCTV surveillance installed at lobby/ periphery vital points/ security rooms. All bedrooms and living rooms come with one TV point and all electrical wires are fire resistant, assigned with electrical modular switches from top brands. All bedrooms and living rooms also come with air conditioner point.  


    All bedrooms and living areas have telephone points. Each apartment is connected to security rooms with through intercom.  

    Other Key Features:

    The walls of the flats are waterproofed and textured. These new flats in South Kolkata are equipped with waterproofing facilities throughout the rooftops and toilets. The driveway and pavement and sufficiently green and well lit too.

    Desires to live luxuriously now meet its destination at Aspirations Elegance. Come and join the splendor of living.


    Azalea: One of the Best Residential Projects in South Kolkata

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    With the name-bearing from flowering shrubs of Rhododendron, Aspiration Azalea is one of the most awaited upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata. Ranging from an area of 1190 SQ. FT. - 1359 SQ. FT, Aspirations Azalea offers homebuyers with the best quality of living and would leave residents with the feeling of living in a hearty home.

    To make your living exquisite and secure, this upcoming residential project in South Kolkata provides homebuyers with latest features. Major specifications of Aspirations Azalea are given below.


    Aspirations Azalea is one of the most secured upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata has a structure which has been built with earthquake repellant R.C.C. frame.  


    The elevation has been done with beautiful color with texture paint. The interior walls are of a smooth finish with POP/putty. The walls have been created with clay/ fly ash The floors of the corridor and stairs are built with the most excellent vitrified tile. The lift lobby’s flooring has been done with marble/granite/vitrified tiles.  

    Apartment Flooring:

    Apartments’ flooring is done with vitrified tiles in the living room, dining room, bedroom, balcony & kitchen. Toilets are created with anti-skid tiles on the floor.  

    Driveway and Pavement:

    The driveway and pavement are constructed with VDF Flooring/Pavit tiles & sufficiently lit green environment.


    The kitchen counter is made of granite slab and attached to it is a stainless steel sink. The walls are made of ceramic tiles 2 ft. above counter.  


    MS railings have been used to create the balcony fences.  


    The toilets will have ceramic tiles up to door height. The sanitary ware in the toilet will be of reputed make.  

    Stair and Balcony rail:

    The rails for stair and balcony are of MS railing. The windows are of anodized aluminium.  


    The doors are made of hardwood frame with solid core flush doors.  


    The electrical make-up of these flats in South Kolkata will be of covered copper wiring, modular plate switches of the famous brand, multi-strand fire-resistant cables for improved safety, durability and fire insurance. There will be geyser points in toilets & kitchen, safe AC points, TV and telephone points in bedrooms.  


    Aspirations Azalea is one of the upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata with automatic passenger elevators of reputed brands like KONE/OTIS or equivalent.  

    Unique Treatments:

    These new flats in South Kolkata will possess unique water treatment facility with waterproofing on the roof, waterproofing in all toilets.  

    Security System:

    The security system is enhanced with CCTV installation and proper intercom facility.

    To live in the heart of Rhododendron-esque ambience, Aspirations Azalea can be the abode you have been looking for. Come to this upcoming residential project in South Kolkata and find the meaning of life.


    Aspirations Orchid: New Flats in South Kolkata with the Newness in Lifestyle

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    A G+12 residential construction, Aspirations Orchid is the connoisseur of perfect living offering new flats in South Kolkata. With Aspirations Orchid, homebuyers can now reach up to a new level of lifestyle and discover the innovation in living lavishly. Exquisitely built in Naktala, this luxury building in Kolkata provides you with most contemporary amenities which can tantalize any home buyer.

    Aspirations Orchid offers homebuyers with 2BHK and 3BHK flats in South Kolkata, ranging from 1034 sq.ft. - 1421 sq.ft. It has been constructed with the earth-quake resistant R.C.C frame structure.

    Furthermore, these new flats in South Kolkata with such specifications which can whirl you with the living you have always fantasized about in your dreams.

    The marvellous features as under:


    3 Side Open:

    Aspirations Orchid offers you luxurious Vaastu complaint apartments which are three side open.  

    AC Community Hall:

    Aspirations Orchid offers you a fully equipped AC community hall. It is a perfect venue for all sorts of gatherings.  


    This residential project in South Kolkata brings a top-notch gymnasium specially designed to keep you in shape. Workout at the gym and discover your vibrant self.  

    Children’s Playground:

    A beautiful playground with flowers and birds is at your disposal at Aspirations Orchid. Children can have a fascinating time playing in the midst of serenity.  

    Landscape Garden:

    With greenery and natural aura in mind, these new flats in South Kolkata offer a flourishing landscape garden. You can enjoy your leisure in heart nature.  

    Impenetrable Security:

    Aspirations Orchid provides its residents with round-the-clock security facilities. A 24-hour security service will ensure your safety, security and help you attain a peaceful living.  


    A hassle-free and tech-savvy self-operated elevator system is present. The lift will also have a communication interface for better service.  

    24-Hour Water Supply:

    This new luxury residential project offers its inhabitants with 24-hour water supply for the improved and trouble-free living.  

    With such perks of modern living, Aspirations Orchid presents new flats in South Kolkata which are immaculately designed to meet your desired lifestyle. To live a life free of chaos and the humdrum of city life, Aspirations Orchid must be your first choice.

    Book now to cherish an impeccable living with your family and loved ones.


    Vastu Guidelines for your New Flat in South Kolkata

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    While purchasing a new flat in South Kolkata, we tend to look out for the Vastu guidelines. Vastu Shastra is an ancient standard which exhibits the plans on how the regulations of nature control human residence. Vastu Shastra talks about that our planet possesses of ‘Pancha Maha Bhoota’ or the five fundamental elements. Vastu states that Earth has life because of the presence and steadiness of these five elements. These five indispensable rudiments are Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space.

    It has been noticed that apartments which refrain from implementing Vastu guidelines may come across some unlikable things. Here’s set of Vastu tips you must be aware before buying a new flat in South Kolkata.

    Main Entrance:

    The main entrance must be from the north, east or northeast. Furthermore, south or west doors are believed to be troublesome because damaging infrared rays enter the apartment from that direction during the afternoon.

    Master Bedroom:

    The master bedroom must be in the Southwest corner. Vastu Shastra guidelines cite that shapes for master bedrooms should be square or rectangular. Moreover, a rectangular master bedroom must have a reasonable length to breadth proportion which is less or equal to 1:2. The master bedroom must be more significant than the other rooms in your flat in South Kolkata.


    Vastu is crucial for your kitchen. This is because the kitchen bears the constituent of “fire.” According to Vastu Shastra, a kitchen in the north-east direction must be avoided. The kitchen must be created in the southeast corner of the flat, and it must not be adjoining the toilet.


    Restrooms can fundamentally turn out to be a leading establishment of negative force if they are not made following the rules are given by Vastu Shastra. Restrooms must be placed in south or west, and the direction of water will thus be in the north-east direction.

    Balconies and Windows:

    Vastu Shastra states that flats with windows and balconies facing north or east are ideal. With the windows and balconies in that position, your flat in South Kolkata will receive the morning sunlight which brings in positivity.

    Aspirations offer you genuine Vastu-approved luxury buildings in Kolkata. To lead your life in a high-spirited way with your family and loved ones, come to Aspirations and find your dream home.


    Celebrate Spacious Property In Central Kolkata

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    Kolkata, the city of joy, is one of the oldest and most charming cities in India. Planning to buy a property in Central Kolkata? This part of Kolkata has been the habitat of poets and has a lot of historical importance.

    Central Kolkata, also the heart of the city, burgeoning with many super swanky apartments has the prime location with proximity to the top schools, colleges, hospitals, and shopping complexes.

    So, if you are looking for luxurious residential projects in Central Kolkata, take a look at the premium 4BHK apartments in Kolkata by the Aspirations Group. Overlooking the iconic Victoria Memorial and the well-fortified Vidyasagar Setu, the Aspirations Group is fabricating a stylish living right in the heart of the city, also simultaneously developing many other residential communities in other parts of Kolkata as well.

    The Aspirations Group, one of the most trustworthy real estate developers in Kolkata, where dreams are not only built but nurtured with love. Every square foot is integrated with experienced craftsmanship to create a eulogy of uniqueness foretelling its kind of a fairytale. Coming up with an imperial residential project, the Aspirations Aloft, at Shakespeare Sarani, is a palatial and affluent address to relocate.

    Aspirations Aloft, a premium housing community promotes the best 4 BHK apartments in Kolkata

    • Spacious living and grand architecture facilitating state-of-the-art sustainability, and modern lifestyle.
    • Comprising of 4 BHK condominium each ranging from 2315-2502 square feet, this space is blessed with pristine luxury that will leave you spoilt.

    The exclusive facilities that are included in this property in Kolkata are:

    • Air-conditioning in all rooms
    • Roof-top terrace overlooking the cityscape,
    • Community Hall
    • An automatic passenger lift facility,
    • an intercom facility,
    • CCTV Surveillance
    • A 24x7 security system to keep you safe and secured, and
    • A power backup provision in case if there is a power cut.

    Possibly one of the imperial residential projects, Aspirations Aloft, is the new definition of luxury. Celebrate a grandeur spacious living only here!


    Picking One from the List of Upcoming Residential Projects in Kolkata

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    You have always wanted to own a home that is warm and inviting. But today’s fast-paced life requires much more than that. Today, a house has to be an integrated concept of luxury, amenities, and comfort. It also has to be near all civic amenities and should have easy access to homes of your relatives and neighbours so that there is ample scope for socialization. So, it's often not easy to be able to choose a home from all the upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. Here is a bit of help…

    Look for the basic amenities

    • When you are inspecting any particular property, you must choose spacious and airy projects.
    • It is advisable to choose projects with car parking even if you don’t own a vehicle, you might see in future, and also, your guests might bring cars too.
    • Check the sports and recreation facilities. Most of the upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata have a gymnasium. And, there are projects with a swimming pool as well. Without recreational facilities, it would be a boring place to stay.

    Facilities nearby

    While choosing residential apartments, you must ensure that there are facilities like markets, hospitals, and schools nearby. Moreover, you also need to check whether you could easily visit your relatives’ places in the neighbourhood. The main city life should not be too far or inaccessible. Moreover, check the connectivity. It is always advisable to choose projects that offer easy of commuting within the city and outside. You should also check the modes of transportation available in the area. Only after checking all these you should choose a residential project.

    Small things often matter

    Today, there are many smaller things that the upcoming residential projects in Kolkata provide that make life better here. A few of those things include:

    • Vaastu compliant designs
    • The lobby and walking area for senior citizens
    • Separate play area for kids
    • Green rooms for relaxation
    • Community hall for functions
    • Shopping arcade of the project itself

    Besides these, there are many, and with each project, it’s unique. That is why you must pick your property carefully so that you might get all the amenities and facilities you and your family requires.


    Best Residential Projects in Kolkata’s Heart!

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    The location of your apartment can be the pride or prejudice of your living. Your apartment might be located in an extravagant posh locality, but are you enjoying the sunset view from your balcony or a breath of fresh air? The best residential projects in Kolkata usually enjoys all these aforementioned due to their pristine location.

    In today's modern lifestyle having a space with all the comfort and luxury at your doorstep is a necessity to calm you during your hectic schedules. Swimming pools, lounge, gymnasium, recreational park, community hall are among the few amenities that one needs for luxurious living. It’s even better if one gets to enjoy a spa at home or a rooftop dining facility or the perks of a club where you can groove with your friends and family and have a gala time.

    Here’s bringing to you the Aspirations Group who have not only been building homes but dreams too. Aspirations Group is the most trusted real estate developers in Kolkata, who believe that real estate is not a piece of land or an apartment or space, but on the contrary, their prime focus is on the welfare of the family and the standards of living.

    The two ongoing residential projects by Aspirations Group in Central Kolkata are:


    Aspirations ALoft

    Aspirations Aloft, an exclusive residential property located at Shakespeare Sarani provides spacious green condos. Covering a large build area, Aloft has four bedroom homes,  each meticulously designed that will leave you mesmerized.  The area is ranging from 2315-2501 sq.ft.; the Aloft apartments facilitate healthy and happy living.


    • Gymnasium with world-class equipment
    • Roof-top Terrace
    • AC Community Hall
    • Power Backup
    • 24 x 7 Security check

    Aspirations Celesta

    Taking luxury living to the next level, Aspirations Celesta a premium residential project is coming up in the heart of the city. Located at Landsdowne street, Aspirations Celesta, with its state-of-the-art sustainability and stylish features, is a grandeur abode made only for you. Comprising of 4 BHK spacious apartments each ranging from 2100-2145 square feet, this space blessed with pristine luxury that will leave you spoilt for excellence.



    • CCTV Surveillance
    • Lift facility
    • Power backup
    • 24 x 7 Security

    Aspirations Group is one such real estate developer providing you with your dream home. Ownership of flats by the Aspirations Group will not only amaze you, but with their superior quality of foundation, design, and structure they will make your living timeless.


    Never Invest In Residential Projects Without Checking These

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    Are you planning to buy a house or an apartment in Kolkata? The city has become an important hub for real estate growth, and there are quite a few good upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. However, you should check whether or not the property you are choosing is appropriate as per your needs. The sizes of the apartments matter as also the amenities that you get. If you are buying a property for the first time, here is a list of guidelines that you might find useful:

    Consider the existing infrastructure

    Whichever upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata you are checking always consider the existing infrastructure of the projects. It means you have to check the connectivity of the place as well as its distance from your workplace. Moreover, the area should have all the basic amenities like markets, shopping centers, as well as hospitals. If you have a family to stay with, you must also check schools in the vicinity.

    Prospects of the project

    Buyers like you should always consider the prospects of the projects and also infrastructural development. Most of the upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata are coming up in areas which are going to grow as posh residential areas shortly. However, there are some, which are not! So, you must check whether in future the project is going to provide good living conditions to the residents. Proximity to a future infrastructure project is an added perk.

    Socializing options should be there

    Upcoming residential projects Rajarhat, have quite good prospects for socializing. As most of the residential projects are nearby and the area developing fast as a residential community, people will have friends and relatives staying nearby, and they can socialize with each other. There should also be leisure activities in the neighborhood including parks, gymnasium, and clubs where people can meet and communicate with each other.

    Always remember to check these few things before choosing to invest in any upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. These will not only let you choose the best home for your family but will also give a good value for money.