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    Colour Psychology in Aspirations Group’s High End Properties in Kolkata

    high end properties in Kolkata

    The seven hues of the spectrum have been playing the most defining role in determining one’s cognitive responses. Colours are inseparable from moods and when the right colour is appropriated to the right room, Aspirations Group’s high end properties in Kolkata become the creative healer by conditioning the psyche. Here goes the feature associated with each colour:


    At once a colour of passion, it stimulates adrenaline rush.

    To use:

    Best suited for living rooms or dining rooms, the colour red induces intense conversation. A colour of self-confidence, it causes great When used in the entryway, the colour creates the maximum positive impression.

    Not to use:

    It is advisable that bedrooms be spared of this colour, for it is too stimulating for nocturnal darkness.



    The colour of the sun.

    To use:

    Yellow symbolizes joy and happiness. A perfect choice for dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, the colour at once reenergizes and revitalizes the spirit.

    Not to use:

    Although the colour of delight, it stimulates nerves causing temperamental uses. It is advisable that the colour is restricted to interactive rooms.



    The colour of balmy peace.

    To use:

    The colour reduces metabolic rate and therefore is preferred mainly for bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Not to use:

    The darker shades of blue tend to induce sadness and therefore, while choosing blue as a primary colour, one must go for lighter shades.



    The optimum colour used for Aspirations Group’s best residential projects in Kolkata create a balanced life.

    To use:

    The colour of harmony, freshness, growth and fertility, the colour green adds restfulness to the human Family room or living room, this colour unites minds across tables, bringing a harmonious togetherness. The colour can be used in the kitchen to for it caters to a cooling effect.

    Not to use:

    Inducing positivity especially, this colour has no restrictions.


    Indigo and Purple:

    The colours of sophistication. Aspirations Group’s premium flats in Kolkata for sale offer the life of lavishness symbolized by these colours.

    To use:

    The colour is associated with creativity and deepens the sense of humanity. A perfect colour for contemplation, it suits all bedrooms.

    Not to use:

    Even though indigo falls near to blue in the spectrum, unlike the latter, it does not affect moods and can be used

    Aspirations Group’s top residential projects in Kolkata are crafted in accordance to human psychology to enhance livelihood. Come and find the meaning of life in Aspirations Group’s high end properties in Kolkata.

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