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    Deciding the Colors of the Walls of a Property for Sale in Kolkata

    property for sale in Kolkata

    The colors of the walls of your home have a dramatic effect on the moods of the people living inside and also help to make a good impression on the guests. If you are looking for property for sale in Kolkata, in addition to checking the vastu compliance, prices, and the amenities that the project provides, check the colors that the builder puts on both the exterior and interior walls. Most of the new residential projects in Kolkata are making color choices based on what the potential buyers would prefer. That is the reason you need to check whether any upcoming residential projects in Kolkata is opting for the color combinations that you favor.

    Choosing dark shades on walls

    Some of the best residential projects in Kolkata are following a trend to use dark tones on certain interior walls. It is a misconception that painting a wall dark will make the rooms look smaller than they are. Instead, using the right choice of shade and with proper lighting afterward, one can get the opposite effect. Take suggestions from an experienced interior designer on the choice of colors for the internal walls of your home. It is advisable that you use a dark shade as the backdrop of a painting or an art piece.

    Using the space correctly

    Before deciding on the colors for your interiors, you must visit the unfinished apartment, look around and think of the ways you’d use each provided space.  You will want to create an entirely different atmosphere in your bedroom as compared to your dining space. You may choose softer colors for the study and use vibrant, warm, energetic colors for the drawing room. Most of the upcoming residential projects in Kolkata are following this pattern. However, if you wish to create a different ambiance, you must ask the builder to make alterations even before the walls get whitewashed.

    Colors of the exterior walls

    Most of the upcoming residential projects in Kolkata will not let you choose a different external color for your apartment. The whole building or the project gets the same color or tone as per planning. So, it might be hard to find a property for sale in Kolkata that allows you to have a different paint on the outside walls. However, if you are choosing villas and duplex, you may get a chance to paint the external walls as per your wish. Most importantly, talk to your builder to get the best help!

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