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    Tech Freak: Gadgets That You Should Have by The Beginning of The New Year

    Since technology stands as an extension to beings, getting hold of the coolest inventions can make your life less hectic. Smartphones starting with, the world is now run by voice commands, and through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). If technological empowerment is a fundamental concern, try out these in-vogue gadgets and become tech-savvy with Aspirations luxury buildings in Kolkata.

    Google Home or Amazon Echo:

    To start with the essential gadget, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa will continuously help you keep track of your daily errands. You can relax and let them take control of your memory and do things that are not that essential. They can book your cab, order online or even fix a meeting with your doctor. Even if you are bored at home without human company, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa will sing you songs or play games!

    Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb:

    What is more appealing than a colourful life? With this product coming at a dirt-cheap price, you can choose your preferred bulb colour out of 16 million colours. You can also set the temperature too! What you need is just the mobile application for the same to get you engaged. Smart living must accompany high end properties in Kolkata and when colour can be oriented with mood, missing out on this isn’t advisable.

    Air Purifier:

    Although air purifiers are not new, they have again become trendy with Kolkata topping as the most polluted city in 2018. Protect your living with Aspirations top residential project in Kolkata by getting hold of one either by Phillips or by Mi. Their circulation system can suck in pollutants within a range of 30m² to 50m². It’s already time that you start treating your lungs!

    Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick:

    If you are one of them in love with the concept of television or large screens, one of these devices is recommended to help you switch between your phone, PC and your television. Get access to your favourite TV shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or even Google Play seamlessly. What you need is just a USB port for your TV. Moreover, you can also project your PC on your TV through Wi-Fi and work flawlessly.

    As life progresses towards an easier tomorrow, equip your family with these technologies to provide them with maximum comfort and make your living with Aspirations luxury buildings in Kolkata a breath-taking experience.