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    4 Easy Solutions to Make Your Kitchen More Spacious

    What is a dream kitchen like? It is not simply a space to cook but a place to gather and share moments while dining together. It is an endearing space to be shared with your family and friends. However, the sad truth is that we often encounter space crunch with small counters, cramped cooking surface, and tiny spaces for appliances. You need to be judicious with space management. When you are a part of Aspirations’ luxury buildings in Kolkata, try these simple hacks to give your kitchen a spacious look:

    Go for glass cabinets:

    We all need storage in our homes and often opt for cupboards and drawers that hide everything from view. This is often a useful solution but about those things we would like to look at daily? Glass cabinets make your things visible and you can see them whenever you like while keeping things dust-free. The glass allows you to see straight through them, making it seem like you have a much bigger space than you actually do.


    Go for lighter colours:

    The shade of your kitchen dividers, ledges, machines, cupboards, and even the dish towels can change the look of your kitchen. For a little kitchen, pastels, whites, and lighter shades can influence it to look bigger and open. Utilizing pale hues can help reflect light and make the deception of a greater space appreciable. Use this technique for your Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata.


    Use slender furnishings:

    A little kitchen must include little scale decorations. However, start with minimalistic decorations by picking a work island, bar seats, or stools that are outwardly lightweight and don’t take up excessively floor space. Try this hack at one of your high end properties in Kolkata and you will have abundant space to move openly. Clean lines don’t divert the eye, and the furniture piece enables you to see the floor, making space feel bigger.


    Tuck shelves and cabinets within the walls:

    One of the most effortless approaches to spare space in a kitchen is to hide things inside the wall partitions. This will truly enable you to save money on space management. Tuck your pantry, shelving or cupboards flush inside the divider to keep from interfering with the kitchen’s stream. Additionally, they help in keeping the ceramics, boxes, and utensils concealed away, influencing the space to look slick and mess free.

    Space is integral to living a happy life. Secure enough space to freely converse with your friends and family in your kitchen.