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    Vastu Guidelines for your New Flat in South Kolkata

    While purchasing a new flat in South Kolkata, we tend to look out for the Vastu guidelines. Vastu Shastra is an ancient standard which exhibits the plans on how the regulations of nature control human residence. Vastu Shastra talks about that our planet possesses of ‘Pancha Maha Bhoota’ or the five fundamental elements. Vastu states that Earth has life because of the presence and steadiness of these five elements. These five indispensable rudiments are Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space.

    It has been noticed that apartments which refrain from implementing Vastu guidelines may come across some unlikable things. Here’s set of Vastu tips you must be aware before buying a new flat in South Kolkata.

    Main Entrance:

    The main entrance must be from the north, east or northeast. Furthermore, south or west doors are believed to be troublesome because damaging infrared rays enter the apartment from that direction during the afternoon.

    Master Bedroom:

    The master bedroom must be in the Southwest corner. Vastu Shastra guidelines cite that shapes for master bedrooms should be square or rectangular. Moreover, a rectangular master bedroom must have a reasonable length to breadth proportion which is less or equal to 1:2. The master bedroom must be more significant than the other rooms in your flat in South Kolkata.


    Vastu is crucial for your kitchen. This is because the kitchen bears the constituent of “fire.” According to Vastu Shastra, a kitchen in the north-east direction must be avoided. The kitchen must be created in the southeast corner of the flat, and it must not be adjoining the toilet.


    Restrooms can fundamentally turn out to be a leading establishment of negative force if they are not made following the rules are given by Vastu Shastra. Restrooms must be placed in south or west, and the direction of water will thus be in the north-east direction.

    Balconies and Windows:

    Vastu Shastra states that flats with windows and balconies facing north or east are ideal. With the windows and balconies in that position, your flat in South Kolkata will receive the morning sunlight which brings in positivity.

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