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    The Usability and The Sophistication About Sofas: How to Place Them?

    The second stage in garnishing your dream house is to place your furniture in perfect combination. Being the most crucial and primary sitting arrangement, you should know how to arrange sofas and make your family life with the best real estate developers in Kolkata a bit more fascinating and dreamy.

    The centre:

    Choosing a centre for your living room is crucial and more often than not, the focal point is that of the TV unit. A combination of three-seater sofa with two singles can give you a perfect symmetry with its face towards the TV. Nonetheless, you can also choose your balcony or a wall with artwork as your centre. The idea is to converge the space taken up by sofas so as to generate intimacy. You can implement this idea at Aspirations 3 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata.

    Proportion and balance:

    In life, the order is necessary to make things fall in space. The idea of intimacy also has a grounding in a balance between balance and harmony. Since sofas are meant to generate conversations, an optimum separation of 2 feet is recommended. It not only revitalises conversations but also enables the fluid movement of your guests. Placing a coffee table is also a recurrent choice but must be separated by at least 15 inches. Since you are planning to buy Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata, adding symmetry to your dream becomes important.


    As sofas are primarily large furniture, their placements should be such that they do not block the passage in your living room or cause a hindrance in entering or leaving. If you have thought of placing sofas near your door, it is always better to place them against the wall keeping an optimum separation. Sofas must not look cluttered and add to space crunch.

    Wall specific:

    This adds drama to your room but the choice should be artistic. Black leather sofas with slender design give you an in-vogue look. Sofas with matte fabric and lighter shades of grey grow well with darker wall shades. Dark walls are always desirous of anything that is of neutral colours. Do not forget to maintain spaces between your walls and the sofa of your 4 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata to give the airy feel.

    With the aimed grandeur in mind, sofas play an integral part in shaping your desired sophistication and usability, ushering in with the warmth of comfort and wellbeing. Indulge in the glory of living with Aspirations, the best real estate developers in Kolkata.