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    Add a Stunning Gallery Wall in Your New Flat in Kolkata

    With a plethora of choices to spoil you with, have you recently taken a glance at the New Flat in Kolkata? Built with a futuristic vision and laced with luxurious amenities, these properties can be perfect abode for you and your loved ones. Now, you must be thinking about how to do the interiors of your apartment to make it look even more majestic and enthralling so that it compliments with your style of living. The Aspirations Group has the right remedy for all your worries. Gallery Walls!

    Yes, gallery walls can be quite interesting to make your space look amazing. Infuse patterns and colours in your newly purchased apartment and show off your artistic skills in an exquisite manner. Create a display wall in your home and make it look lively by putting up photographs from your favourite vacation, family portraits, paintings, mirrors, vintage dishes or patterned metal hangings. It can be anything unconventional that will highlight your experiences or, make you go back in time and help you cherish some fond memories. Start by decorating an accent wall in your apartment, preferably in your living area. This is a great idea for doing a gallery wall as it will be readily visible to everybody, who visits your place. Keep it minimalistic and chic to draw attention. Also, this is an easy way to create a feeling of warmth and comfort in your home.

    Let’s look at the few ways of creating a great gallery wall brought to you by the most trusted real estate developers in Kolkata, the Aspirations Group.


    Keep the Colour Going

    The key to an excellent design is to choose the right colour that melts aptly with the mood of your space. You can use bright poppy colours like pinks or yellows to give your area a teenage feel. For example, you can hang pictures in pink frames or put up a wall art having a bright crimson shade and compliment it with metallic art pieces or add a golden rusted mirror to add charm to the place.

    You can use subtle tones if you are planning to decorate your home with a vintage style. Hang some copper artistic elements against a muted yellow or grey background and add frames having dark colours. This will enrich your living room and make it dynamically astounding.

    Think Thematically

    Displays having a particular theme can be admiring. Pick up a theme of your choice and stick by it. Like, for example, if you’re an animal lover, then you can put up animal sketches, paintings or metallic knockers of an animal face.

    Make your living or dining room look more polished by adding a themed gallery wall. Neutral themes are incredibly adaptive and can go well with all types of designs. Pair it with contrasting textures like wooden frames or a silver mirror to reflect the light and make a stunning, unique statement.

    Bring Order to Chaos

    A disorderly fashioned gallery wall can be more attractive than an ordered one. Maintain the consistency, yet connect all the different objects to strike the right note. Keep your editorial eye open and add objects that have a certain amount of similarity.

    You can design an accent wall by placing pictures of monuments, antique mirrors, portraits, bone china plates with floral motifs, or curio. Place these elements along with simple black frames against a matte white background to define the consistency, yet leaving space for creativity and innovation. Add the right furniture units to pull out a great living space in your home.

    So, why wait any longer? Buy your dream home and choose from the best upcoming residential projects in Kolkata to flaunt your artistic skills. Don’t forget to add a gallery wall to your home and make your living more extraordinary!

    The Fabric of the Neighbourhood: How Does it Empower You?

    Living a happy and fruitful life does not quite stand alone. What matters most is where you are living, by who are you surrounded by and what beneficiaries can you reap from your nearby. Aspirations promise you a good neighbourhood that will empower your dream to stay in one of its best residential projects in Kolkata.

    • The social circle with its human touch comes into foreplay. What man desires is always a better community living. A helping hand during an emergency is the most humane thing to expect. Aspirations 4 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata are located in the prime areas of higher capital growth and places with deep ethnic roots. Residing in such homes will eventually help in your business networking and enhance your cultural engagements. Good neighbours are psychological healers.
    • The best residential projects in Kolkata must have necessary appendages. A quality choice of schools and colleges often drives potential buyers in any prime location. Aspirations projects in South Kolkata and North Kolkata promises you with maximum educational benefits. Putting your child into one of the best institutions without the hassle of long journeys is what every parent dreams of.
    • Dreams are further empowered with financial support. Living within the proximity of your work culture is again a feeling of empowerment. Rajarhat is now a technological hub beaming with world-class technocrats. Aspirations new flats for sale in Rajarhat are located within the IT (Information Technology) vicinity, well connected to Salt Lake and Newtown being the other technological hubs.
    • Connectivity again becomes the primary concern. Aspirations Grandeur, premium flats for sale in South Kolkata, are located off Sarat Bose Road, at a distance of a few minutes’ drives from Minto Park, Gariahat, Hazra Crossing and Quest Mall. On the other hand, Aspirations Elegance, Azalea and Orchid are intersected by Hazra Road, Lake Road and Rash Behari Avenue. The Southern fringes are again connected with Kolkata Metro services and with Sealdah with important roads for the fastest transportation.
    • The self remains half fulfilled without a life of entertainment. Planning for a Sunday brunch yet your favourite café seems quite far away is always disappointing. The premium residential projects have its nearest proximities to well-known restaurants, pubs, theatre halls, multiplexes, malls like Quest Mall and clubs. You will always get the scope of replacing out fatigue with rejuvenation.

    Aspiring a good neighbourhood is the key to healthy living. Venture out and explore the meaning of life with Aspirations residential projects.

    Open Plan Kitchen: Why is it Preferable?

    With the change in patterns of innovation, construction plans have also changed to incorporate more intimacy within four walls of your house. It is from this notion that the conception of kitchens which is one of the most cornered spaces has taken a revolutionary turnover. The idea of closed kitchen space is now becoming obsolete with new flats in Kolkata for sale opting for an open kitchen plan. The question is how such a plan is preferable and beneficial?


    Never be separated:

    It has been a recurrent problem that the one to cook has always been separated from his or her family, friends or guests. The open format allows you to interact with your dear ones while you are busy cooking. Instead of being cornered into a different room, missing out on the fun, the open format allows you to prepare your gourmet meal while successfully playing out the role of the host. Again, if you have children at your place, you will also be able to monitor their activities. With Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata, you are empowered with multitasking!


    Easy accessibility:

    Life is easier with open plan kitchens. The dining space remains connected with your kitchen giving you direct and seamless access. Serving dinners to your family, friends or guests becomes easier and hassle-free. This again prevents food spills and accidents.



    Open kitchen systems are welcomed as spacious planning. Two main areas including your dining area and your living room come together with your kitchen. The impression that is generated is of a larger, aired and lighter room. However, the point that is to be kept in mind is that in such an open framework, even your kitchen becomes an element of the display. Thus, maintaining things proper and clean will set things right. Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata bestows you with a clutter-free



    An open planned kitchen has no hidden corners, unlike a closed planned kitchen. Cleaning becomes easier with such planning. Since it’s a continuation of the same floor, such a design is optimised for maximum cleanliness with hygiene coming into foreplay.

    Running multiple errands together without missing out on precious family time is what everybody desires. Be it mending your child or cooking for your guests, these acts which seem so very different are now brought under the same plane. Get in touch with Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale and explore the latest innovations.

    Fitness Rooms: Health is Wealth

    An increasing obsession with staying fit is in vogue, and thus Aspirations flats for sale in Kolkata are equipped with modern fitness equipment with the motto of providing a healthier tomorrow. Aspirations fitness rooms are designed to cater both the young and the old, male and the female- for the aged, gentler disciplines like yoga are arranged while for women intensive weight-loss equipment are brought into concern.

    Why are fitness rooms important in residential projects?


    Variations in equipment:

    Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata is equipped with free weights, weight benches, treadmills, resistance machines and cardio-vascular machines. One can choose and train himself with the choicest equipment. Moreover, the most crucial aspect is that you will be bestowed with quality trainers too!

    Safe environment:

    Once your desired fitness centre comes home, your worries about travelling outside to workout in rain or scorching heat become nullified. Your exercise bike or even the treadmill is now just a door away. Aspirations as the most trusted real estate developers in Kolkata provides you with the safest and most comfortable environment for a workout with hygienic and premium quality equipment that prevents accidental injury.

    Stay connected:

    Group workout sessions are often held where interaction with your co-partner becomes vital. Group yoga sessions are held where you get to choose the level according to your preference. Since chalking out a routine for exercises often stands tough to maintain when you are alone, it is always better to make friends out there. Getting healthier and remaining fit together is a fun-filled experience. The sense of togetherness motivates you into performing better. Jogging together will keep you away from problems with blood pressure, cycling together will eventually keep your body flexible and strengthen your muscles.

    Other benefits:

    As the old maxim goes, good things happen to those who sweat, a daily routine of workout will eventually boost up your memory cells increasing your sharpness eventually providing you with ample confidence. It will strengthen your heart and keep you away from metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes being one of the most recurrent problems in the current age. Aspirations flats for sale in Kolkata promises to provide you with the maximum out with top-notch standards.

    Staying fit at the end of every day is what anybody will desire. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind which regulates your familial and every vital relationship. Do not wait to think, engage with Aspirations to explore a fit and productive living.

    Validate Your Luxury by Using Plush Curtains

    Luxury must be complemented with aesthetics and dreams must be garnished with pleasing looks. If you are thinking of being a part of Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata, you must consider the usages of setting up plush curtains in your rooms. Beyond adding glory and grandeur to your rooms, curtains work to preserve privacy and even control light and temperature. Here’s a quick guide to how curtains liven up your rooms:

    Adds vigour:

    Choosing the right fabric is always important. A curtain with cotton panel allows the optimum passage of light is making it suitable for drawing rooms. Cotton curtains add energy to your rooms. While linen dissipates light making them obtuse and can be installed in bedrooms. The visible creases of the linen-made curtains stand most appealing to the viewers’ eyes. Curtains made of blending like silk and linen are often artistic as it captures both the wrinkle of linen and the seamlessness of silk. If you are thinking of ordering one of the apartments for sale in Kolkata, a correct choice can better manufacture your dream.

    Amplifies space:

    You have often thought of changing the interior of your room but also have thought about the probable expenses. Using curtains to improve the look of rooms is always a preferable option. As recolouring walls might stand expensive, curtains with elegant looks come handy both with its aesthetic appeal and durability. If you are thinking of renovating your rooms while at your stay with Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata get acquainted with the colour, style or fabrics of curtains.

    Works as heat and sound insulator:

    Moving beyond the beatification, curtains with block-out mechanism tend to avoid the loss of heat during winters and block out the excess of temperature during summer from infiltrating in. Such curtains are also beneficial for a good night’s sleep and your child’s room. Using multiple layers of the curtain can block out sound too and can be used for living rooms.

    Secures privacy:

    Curtains have an intrinsic property of providing you with a sense of privacy and intimacy. Rooms that can be viewed from outside can be blocked by using curtains. The luxury of curtains can also add romance to your bedroom and spice up every conversation across your living room.

    As you choose Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata, nourish your wish of living in a luxurious dream with exotic décor and search the meaning of life.

    Tech Freak: Gadgets That You Should Have by The Beginning of The New Year

    Since technology stands as an extension to beings, getting hold of the coolest inventions can make your life less hectic. Smartphones starting with, the world is now run by voice commands, and through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). If technological empowerment is a fundamental concern, try out these in-vogue gadgets and become tech-savvy with Aspirations luxury buildings in Kolkata.

    Google Home or Amazon Echo:

    To start with the essential gadget, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa will continuously help you keep track of your daily errands. You can relax and let them take control of your memory and do things that are not that essential. They can book your cab, order online or even fix a meeting with your doctor. Even if you are bored at home without human company, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa will sing you songs or play games!

    Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb:

    What is more appealing than a colourful life? With this product coming at a dirt-cheap price, you can choose your preferred bulb colour out of 16 million colours. You can also set the temperature too! What you need is just the mobile application for the same to get you engaged. Smart living must accompany high end properties in Kolkata and when colour can be oriented with mood, missing out on this isn’t advisable.

    Air Purifier:

    Although air purifiers are not new, they have again become trendy with Kolkata topping as the most polluted city in 2018. Protect your living with Aspirations top residential project in Kolkata by getting hold of one either by Phillips or by Mi. Their circulation system can suck in pollutants within a range of 30m² to 50m². It’s already time that you start treating your lungs!

    Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick:

    If you are one of them in love with the concept of television or large screens, one of these devices is recommended to help you switch between your phone, PC and your television. Get access to your favourite TV shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or even Google Play seamlessly. What you need is just a USB port for your TV. Moreover, you can also project your PC on your TV through Wi-Fi and work flawlessly.

    As life progresses towards an easier tomorrow, equip your family with these technologies to provide them with maximum comfort and make your living with Aspirations luxury buildings in Kolkata a breath-taking experience.

    Bookshelves: Books and Style Go Hand in Hand

    That books and style often go together is a relatively unexplored area. You simply do not need to be a bookworm to get your room look enigmatic with the paraphernalia of books. A minimalistic approach with punchy style is more than enough to make your living with Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata a dream attainable.

    Here are a few easy tips:



    Simple is always rejuvenating. Bookshelves are meant for books, so it’s always better not to clutter with other décor accessories unless they add to the sensed Books come in different sizes and colour which can be set in a pattern accordingly. The design need not be in order, however, randomization but maintaining balance can be incorporated for an aesthetic appeal.



    Accessibility is again one of the primary concern. After you own Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata, the beauty of your room must be enhanced through beneficial use. It is always advisable to keep smaller books in front while stacking the larger ones behind. The other way is to apply the divide and rule policy. Separating the books according to their types, genres or authors is always commendable.



    If you want your bookshelf to be the aesthetic center of your room, an interesting choice is to colour that particular section of the wall differently. Light colours are appreciably better as backgrounds to already colourful books as the best real estate developers in Kolkata provide you with ample opportunities to relive your bookish dreams.



    Spaces between bookshelves and their sizes contribute to sensory pleasure. Use multiple shelves of varying spaces between each to spread out your books. Some shelves, when assigned diagonally, look mesmerizing while some in the pattern of the staircase look funky. The choice is based on your preference. Try stacking your books vertically and horizontally side by side to give that disorderly yet elegant look. Never miss out on the subtleties of life with Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata.



    Bookshelves are better when left open. Closed bookshelves with glass doors are often prone to reflecting unnecessary light blaring out the book names. The transparency of spaces is an artistic tact while simultaneously adding easy use too vigorous readers. If an entire wall is a mini-library, try replacing books from certain shelves with antiques!

    Convert your experience with Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata into a brain-storming session as creating your collection of books is not far away.

    Flooring Ideas: Every Step Counts

    As one enters a room, the first impression that must mesmerize your visitors with is that of your floor designs — every step that one takes but be a submission to the echoing elegance. Your aesthetics must be conditioned by the safeness that your floor promotes keep at par an easy cleaning. If you are thinking of buying Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale, check out these 4 flooring ideas to impart an artistic outlook:

    Plastic Laminate Flooring:

    One of the fastest growing flooring material, laminate flooring is highly durable, affordable with nearly least possible chances of attracting stains. This hack is perfect for your child’s room or your pet’s room and even your kitchen where food spilling options are maximum. These products are expertly designed to become UV resistance thereby increasing lifespan. A cost-effective way of mimicking premium wood or stone look, use this idea to set up specific floors of your 4 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata.


    Cork Flooring:

    The first impression that cork floors make is that of its softness and is often used in kitchens where one has to stand for long hours. What is interesting is its affordability while one can refinish it as and when required. These flooring materials due to its chemical properties are also beneficial for people who are allergic to dust and insects. An easy maintenance solution, you can invest in cork flooring at your residential complex in Kolkata.


    Vinyl flooring:

    A practical choice in flooring, vinyl floors are fortified against accidental slipping. These are extra waterproof when connected with concrete floors which often suffer from water seepage. They come in various formats and styles reminiscent of retro times and in-vogue traditions. A popular choice in the vinyl floor is to opt for a pattern that represents garden greenery! Sounds interesting? Keep them in mind when you are intelligent of affording Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale. Stone flooring: The most archaic style of stylising your rooms is with the use of stones. With durability standing unquestionable, stone floors or stone tiles go hand-in-hand with retro furniture and antiques. An easily cleanable option, rugs can be used to give a comfy effect for your growing children.

    As floors become the most crucial part of your home, acting as the warm harbinger for your guests and beloveds, use your creativity and the sense of aesthetic appeal to make life with Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale grand, safe and secured.

    Grandeur Can be Hidden in Your Bathrooms too

    A bathroom is one of those secret spaces in one’s house, where freedom is associated with comfort. When you are choosing Aspirations one of the best residential projects in Kolkata, your cinematic imaginations must become real with a little effort. Here’s how:

    Cabinets and shelves:

    Since bathrooms are infamous for the notorious shortage of space, judicious management of available areas is a must without causing clutters. A wood textured cabinet can render the elegance that you need. Rather than scattering your electronic amenities around, use your closed cabinet to keep things at the place. An often overlooked space is that underneath the sink. Detachable shelves can often be handy at this space to keep things not regularly used.



    Mirrors have been playing probably the most crucial role in human psychology. When you desire to become a part of Aspirations upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata, your destiny of meeting royalty must be self-clarifying. Mirrors when added in multiple numbers to your bathroom, invariably increase the available space through reflection. Beyond the obvious, what stands more important is the appreciation of the self while inhabiting a luxury house – it is then the glory of living meets aesthetic grandeur.


    Fancy curtains:

    The use of curtains gives you the idea of a more privatized Hand-woven designs offer you a punchy look relevant to the elegance that you wish to share. Moreover, looking for curtains with pockets can also turn out to be handy. Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata aspires to keep you and your guests enchanted!



    The essential aspect must look surprising. Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata provide you premium designer commodes that never fail to steal the show. Commodes are now automated, and the seats open and close according to your movements. They come now with auxiliary accessories like automatic heat controlling toilet seats or a water mixture. Moreover, the exteriors are also textured to indulge you in the appreciation of beauty.



    This is where your bathroom starts getting interesting. Candles are no more restricted to dinner tables. Dim lights from candles can make your experience of relaxation even more breath-taking. A romance with aesthetics gets displayed in every candle-stand that you manage to incorporate to enhance the decor.

    If relaxation becomes the only agenda before a hectic start or at the end of the day, why not make it grand? Come and experience Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata.

    The Art of Feng Shui in Your Living Room

    The concept of Feng Shui has always been an integral part of the art of living since ages. In simple terms, the idea is associated with the Chinese idea of the immanent power of Chi that keeps on pervading and flowing through spatial arrangements. With Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata, you get to make your dream come true even more enchanting by incorporating simple ideas for your living rooms.

    The power of Chi is associated with good luck, wellbeing, and prosperity and stands crucial while planning your room decor. These easy hacks will keep you going:

    Harmonious room:

    Since Feng Shui is all about the constant flowing of energy, the primary objective must be to declutter your living room. A clean room is also psychologically beneficial providing positive vibes. Start by maintaining negative spaces and removing the excesses.


    Greener tomorrow:

    Bonsais have an essential role to play in the wellbeing of man. When you are a part of Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata, make your living energetic with sturdy plants like the jade tree or the money tree. The former not only with its good looks imparts aesthetics to your room, but also provides vibes that make your entire family happy. The latter bonsai maintain the influx of money optimum.


    Explore colours:

    Consulting Feng Shui energy map before getting a paint job done is also essential for the flow of Chi. Living rooms when coloured with lighter shades, the reflection of energy is maximum. Shades of light yellow, red, green are important in the study of Feng Shui and when used in living rooms has shown significant improvement in relationships with better bonding. Aspirations top residential project in Kolkata are designed in accordance to Feng Shui curriculums to provide more vibrancy.


    Strategic mirrors:

    Since mirrors play an important role in the development of the human psyche, a strategic location of the mirror within the living room makes the influx of Chi energy reflective. The rejuvenated environment starts affecting us at the unconscious level.


    Nature together:

    Since Feng Shui is all about nature, try incorporating and honouring all the Feng Shui elements like wood, water, earth and metal within your room’s premise for a healthy and wealthy family relationship.


    As the outside is always a defining factor for a man’s inside, unhindered flow of Chi is assured to bring joy to your life. Get in touch with Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata today.