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Thank you so much for your good wishes and for your not insignificant part in our move. You are stars!

Irine Gosh

You were superb from the start! We made the best decision. We wish the company well for the future.

Mira Sen
Aspirations Crescent

Thank your team for your hard work, advice, honesty and commitment to enable us to sell my mothers house.

Irine Gosh

You were superb from the start! We made the best decision. We wish the company well for the future

Surabhi Bansal
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Thank your team for your hard work, advice, honesty and commitment to enable us to sell my mothers house

Mira Sen
Aspirations Crescent


Grandeur Can be Hidden in Your Bathrooms too

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A bathroom is one of those secret spaces in one’s house, where freedom is associated with comfort. When you are choosing Aspirations one of the best residential projects in Kolkata, your cinematic imaginations must become real with a little effort. Here’s how:

  • Cabinets and shelves: Since bathrooms are infamous for the notorious shortage of space, judicious management of available areas is a must without causing clutters. A wood textured cabinet can render the elegance that you need. Rather than scattering your electronic amenities around, use your closed cabinet to keep things at the place. An often overlooked space is that underneath the sink. Detachable shelves can often be handy at this space to keep things not regularly used.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors have been playing probably the most crucial role in human psychology. When you desire to become a part of Aspirations upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata, your destiny of meeting royalty must be self-clarifying. Mirrors when added in multiple numbers to your bathroom, invariably increase the available space through reflection. Beyond the obvious, what stands more important is the appreciation of the self while inhabiting a luxury house – it is then the glory of living meets aesthetic grandeur.
  • Fancy curtains: The use of curtains gives you the idea of a more privatized Hand-woven designs offer you a punchy look relevant to the elegance that you wish to share. Moreover, looking for curtains with pockets can also turn out to be handy. Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata aspires to keep you and your guests enchanted!
  • Commodes: The essential aspect must look surprising. Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata provide you premium designer commodes that never fail to steal the show. Commodes are now automated, and the seats open and close according to your movements. They come now with auxiliary accessories like automatic heat controlling toilet seats or a water mixture. Moreover, the exteriors are also textured to indulge you in the appreciation of beauty.
  • Candles: This is where your bathroom starts getting interesting. Candles are no more restricted to dinner tables. Dim lights from candles can make your experience of relaxation even more breath-taking. A romance with aesthetics gets displayed in every candle-stand that you manage to incorporate to enhance the decor.

If relaxation becomes the only agenda before a hectic start or at the end of the day, why not make it grand? Come and experience Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata.


The Art of Feng Shui in Your Living Room

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The concept of Feng Shui has always been an integral part of the art of living since ages. In simple terms, the idea is associated with the Chinese idea of the immanent power of Chi that keeps on pervading and flowing through spatial arrangements. With Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata, you get to make your dream come true even more enchanting by incorporating simple ideas for your living rooms.

The power of Chi is associated with good luck, wellbeing, and prosperity and stands crucial while planning your room decor. These easy hacks will keep you going:

  • Harmonious room: Since Feng Shui is all about the constant flowing of energy, the primary objective must be to declutter your living room. A clean room is also psychologically beneficial providing positive vibes. Start by maintaining negative spaces and removing the excesses.
  • Greener tomorrow: Bonsais have an essential role to play in the wellbeing of man. When you are a part of Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata, make your living energetic with sturdy plants like the jade tree or the money tree. The former not only with its good looks imparts aesthetics to your room, but also provides vibes that make your entire family happy. The latter bonsai maintain the influx of money optimum.
  • Explore colours: Consulting Feng Shui energy map before getting a paint job done is also essential for the flow of Chi. Living rooms when coloured with lighter shades, the reflection of energy is maximum. Shades of light yellow, red, green are important in the study of Feng Shui and when used in living rooms has shown significant improvement in relationships with better bonding. Aspirations top residential project in Kolkata are designed in accordance to Feng Shui curriculums to provide more vibrancy.
  • Strategic mirrors: Since mirrors play an important role in the development of the human psyche, a strategic location of the mirror within the living room makes the influx of Chi energy reflective. The rejuvenated environment starts affecting us at the unconscious level.
  • Nature together: Since Feng Shui is all about nature, try incorporating and honoring all the Feng Shui elements like wood, water, earth and metal within your room’s premise for a healthy and wealthy family relationship.

As the outside is always a defining factor for a man’s inside, unhindered flow of Chi is assured to bring joy to your life. Get in touch with Aspirations apartments for sale in Kolkata today.


The Right Location is The Choicest Decision

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The art of living is not limited only to affording a luxury house. It is correlated more to the surroundings and accessibility to other parts of the city. If life must be both peaceful and fruitful, one must be rigorous while choosing the best location for his new home. With Aspirations, dreams become attainable, but while you are planning to afford an upcoming residential apartment in Kolkata, you must keep the following points in mind:

Safe environment: Since safety and security are of the primary concern, thorough research about the place you wish to inhabit in becomes the most vital aspect. Some people tend to pay less to afford a house at a relatively unsafe place, and then start expending safeguarding themselves. This habit must be made away with. Aspirations residential complexes in Kolkata are located at the city’s prime hubs where being safe is the only criteria.

  • Lifestyle: Choosing the right neighborhood is also a fundamental point that must go in tandem with your lifestyle. Once you are aware of your necessities, choosing the right location becomes easier.
  • Work culture: As Kolkata is now a part of transnational informatics, choosing a home near to your office stands solely essential. Aspirations new flats for sale in Rajarhat are located amidst the busiest IT centers well connected by thoroughfares.
  • Education: Buying a home means giving your child a place to nourish his or her dreams to grow up where knowledge is an inherent necessity. Aspirations flats for sale in South Kolkata are equipped with nearby top-notch schools providing the best education, revered colleges, and Your child can even grow up to become a bookworm amidst the National Library or the Ramkrishna Mission library.
  • Connectivity: Probably beyond everything else, a well-connected home is the solution to every problem. A house must be easily connected to railways, metro services, airports, markets, and A home in North Kolkata is to remain within the vicinity of Sealdah station, metro station, circular rail and airport at Dum Dum; while being in the South is to stay surrounded by the busiest roads and easy access to the northern fringes of Kolkata. With Aspirations upcoming residential apartment in Kolkata, you the promised with best available services and warmth of reception.

Home is all about exploring relationships and new limits. Make the rightest choice while choosing Aspirations upcoming residential apartment in Kolkata and engage in the splendour of living.


Why is South Kolkata Best for Top Residential Projects in Kolkata?

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Most of the times, we are suffering from indecision concerning which area to pick when purchasing a home. Today, as there is an extensive variety of residential choices, consequently the perplexity becomes recurrent. For instance, if you are searching for a residential project in Kolkata, the main thing that will strike is the area, which assumes a critical part.

Kolkata is a home to various residential projects thus now and then; it is hard to pick a flat of your decision. To get a home of your inclination, look for Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata located in the southern fringes of the city. Let us see how South Kolkata is a better choice to buy a house:

  • South Kolkata is well attached to all corners of the city. As a homebuyer, what stands more important is the prospect of connectivity with possibilities of exploration. The demand for getting hold of a home at the South is relatively higher than other fringes. The place can be simply reached from the central part of the city like Dharmatala and Sealdah through frequent buses, metros, and Aspirations has its new flats in South Kolkata with a top-notch living environment, connected by major thoroughfares like Hazra Road, Lake Road, and Rash Behari Avenue.
  • South Kolkata is a place that caters to people from different strata of lives. While Lake Gardens, Kasba, Jadavpur and Santoshpur are extreme posh areas, places like Baruipur and Taltala serve all kinds of people. Ballygaunge a balanced area in south Kolkata with a plethora of eminent educational establishments and legitimate business framework. Ballygunge is frequently favoured by the young groups of Kolkata who are searching for their family home. If you are planning to afford a luxury building in Kolkata, the South is always an open option.
  • South Kolkata is not so much congested but rather more modern when contrasted with whatever is left of the city. It is a host of exuberant lifestyles. One gets the scope of enjoying facilities from Tollygunge Club and Royal Golf Club Calcutta; indulge in the service of being a bookworm by enrolling in the hereditary National Library and Ramkrishna Mission; visit the CIMA Art Gallery and Birla Industrial and Technological Museum; and more interestingly, you have the very own Alipore Zoo as if at your doorstep!

Engage in the splendour of living with Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata and our projects at the South will never fail to encourage you!


4 Easy Solutions to Make Your Kitchen More Spacious

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What is a dream kitchen like? It is not simply a space to cook but a place to gather and share moments while dining together. It is an endearing space to be shared with your family and friends. However, the sad truth is that we often encounter space crunch with small counters, cramped cooking surface, and tiny spaces for appliances. You need to be judicious with space management. When you are a part of Aspirations’ luxury buildings in Kolkata, try these simple hacks to give your kitchen a spacious look:

1. Go for glass cabinets: We all need storage in our homes and often opt for cupboards and drawers that hide everything from view. This is often a useful solution but about those things we would like to look at daily? Glass cabinets make your things visible and you can see them whenever you like while keeping things dust-free. The glass allows you to see straight through them, making it seem like you have a much bigger space than you actually do.

2. Go for lighter colours: The shade of your kitchen dividers, ledges, machines, cupboards, and even the dish towels can change the look of your kitchen. For a little kitchen, pastels, whites, and lighter shades can influence it to look bigger and open. Utilizing pale hues can help reflect light and make the deception of a greater space appreciable. Use this technique for your Aspirations residential complex in Kolkata.

3. Use slender furnishings: A little kitchen must include little scale decorations. However, start with minimalistic decorations by picking a work island, bar seats, or stools that are outwardly lightweight and don't take up excessively floor space. Try this hack at one of your high end properties in Kolkata and you will have abundant space to move openly. Clean lines don't divert the eye, and the furniture piece enables you to see the floor, making space feel bigger.

4. Tuck shelves and cabinets within the walls: One of the most effortless approaches to spare space in a kitchen is to hide things inside the wall partitions. This will truly enable you to save money on space management. Tuck your pantry, shelving or cupboards flush inside the divider to keep from interfering with the kitchen's stream. Additionally, they help in keeping the ceramics, boxes, and utensils concealed away, influencing the space to look slick and mess free.

Space is integral to living a happy life. Secure enough space to freely converse with your friends and family in your kitchen.


Happiness Might Grow on Trees but Never Money

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It is a well-known fact that plants are an essential part of our survival. They furnish us with nourishment, fiber, building materials, and medicine - which is an entirely helpful trick in our overtly visible contaminated, overpopulated world.

With evolution, people are turning more indoors which is the sole reason for all troubles and turmoil. Recent studies have shown that indoor plants have a direct positive effect on the mood to counteract negativity.

If you are a part of Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata, get hold of these four available and straightforward plants:

Fiddle Leaf Fig: Fiddle Leafs are a standout amongst the most photogenic and appealing indoor plants accessible, and to sweeten the deal, they are additionally excellent for enhancing air quality by giving out high amounts of oxygen and cleaning the air of allergens. Fiddle Leaf Figs do not require over the top watering and will flourish inside in the indirect sunlight.

The Peace Lily: Arranged at the highest priority as the all-around do-gooder greens, Peace Lilies simple on the eyes. They are additionally unbelievably great at detoxifying the air of benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and smelling salts. An extraordinary place to keep a Peace Lily is in your bedroom, where its poison destroying powers will be put to great Peace Lillies are one of the natural plants to administer to. If you are planning to invest in Aspirations upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata, get hold of these.

Philodendrons: Known for their beautiful blossoming leaves and strong aesthetics, Philodendrons put forth a beautiful expression in any room. Like Peace Lilies, they likewise absorb large amounts of formaldehyde from the air. Philodendrons require a warm spot with a lot of bright, indirect daylight.

Spider plant: As a standout amongst the most mainstream indoor botanicals, not only do Spider Plants look fantastic, they are additionally incredibly simple to watch over. Spider plants are unusually high at engrossing mold and allergens from the air and can be put to great use in zones that are inclined to dampness, for example, bathrooms and laundries.

Germaniums: The bright crimson color is often an appealing stance added to your home. These masses of beautifully-hued flowers have been known for generations to cheer everybody up. The mild aroma of the geranium plant is responsible for promoting peace of mind.

Only money does not buy you happiness. When you have invested in becoming a part of Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata avail these plants to nourish further your dream come true.


Living Room: Your Space Should Breathe Elegance

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A living room plays the first scope of interaction between your family and with your friends. A vital space of building up of inter-personal areas, decorate your residential complex in Kolkata to impart an eye-pleasing experience. Here’s what you need to do: Necessary of conversational areas: Rooms can be large or small, but intimacies thrive on both void and form. An excellent space is always required to facilitate a great bond. While a space crunch can be intimidating while conversing, similarly the reverse can affect the flow of thoughts. To be cozy with your friends and family, a minimum distance of 8 feet is mandatory between sofas. If you intend on creating a seating area, getting hold of many small couches is always reasonable than buying a larger one when you are considering to purchase one of the Aspirations flats in Kolkata for sale.

Consider free items: Tables, chairs, ottomans must not be substantial and should stand flexible with its movability. Lightweight gives you the opportunity to place them as and when required. Whether keeping coffee or a drink down or putting your feet up for a bit of relaxation, your living room becomes a favorable experience with the best residential projects in Kolkata.

Wood carvings: There is an association of sophistication with every wood structure. What Woods used for wall panels can look elegantly mesmerizing while the tops of stools can render a refined sense of living.

Coffee tables: If your life smells void with the touch of caffeine, consider your coffee table too. Coffee cups more often than not goes well with books, so keeping few books for display can seem presentable. Since a coffee table is the focus of any living room, considering seasonal plants for keeping atop is always a better choice. If your coffee table is large, squaring out sections to compartmentalize with decorative accessories is also another natural Garb your dream of living in a residential complex in Kolkata with these innovative ideas.

The desire for vacancy: Cluttering of objects both necessary and unnecessary is tiring for the eyes. Maintaining negative space is always a wise Job in particular areas adds to a that much needed sophisticated touch. Try keeping one specific wall blank or a corner free from objects!

These simple tricks can make your living all the more breath-taking. Try these out and discover the art of living.


Decorate your Kid’s Room and Help Them Grow

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Before anything else, your child’s development and improvement of cognitive skills stand as primary importance. Allot a space and decorate it with creativity to compliment your child’s natural growth. Here are few tips to decorate your kid’s room in Aspirations high end properties in Kolkata:

1. Since every child is a collector of sorts, provide your kid with a separate chamber where he can stuff his collected items. What you can do is attach a string from one window to the other and affix with clips colorful pictures or postcards.

2. The color white which is called a gender-neutral one can be used for your kid’s room. It has a particular sensation of warmth associated. Getting a monochrome paint job done is always in fashion, but the real deal lies in the balance. Soft textured wooden furniture can add a contrasting glory to your kid’s room. You must remember that a child’s response develops through contrasting images.

3. If you plan to go by color stereotypes, get hold of furniture that is softer in the tone of the color blue or pink. However, the trick that can keep your child engaged is to use colorful stickers that are educative at once and beautifies your kid’s growth. As you are a part of Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata, garnish your child’s imagination to match your and his dreams.

4. Since a child is perpetually unorganized, help him learn the skills of the organization by keeping his furniture like benches and racks at his height. Aspirations high end properties in Kolkata are equipped with such.

5. If you are against doing a paint job remembering that kids often get bored with sameness, using wallpapers is the best option to be availed. Wallpapers are replaceable and changing them recurrently enhances your child’s cognitive aptitude. An easy hack is to get hold of glow stickers that shine at night for the child’s love of colors and patterns must not be ignored. Aspirations best residential projects in Kolkata will provide ample space for your child’s inevitable growth.

6. Children are an inherent need of companions. Getting him to hold of ample amount of toys is also a necessary criterion. Do visit nearby art and craft stores and keep your child’s room stocked with colors and pages!

These simple tricks will provide a pleasant encounter in your child’s developmental processes. Since kids dwell in the domain of imagination, a separate space for their artistic growth is deemed vital.


Your Bedroom: Uphold the Dreamy Retreat

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Bedrooms are at once a place for rest after a dreary day. Be it a small one or a larger one, decorating your bedroom and your respective walls can make your room look expansive and classy. Try out these simple tricks to make your bedroom an enjoyable place to sleep or interact.

1. Role of colors: The color white has an expansive effect and even if your bedroom is small or has less available space. White also has that touch of sophistication, and behavioral psychology says that these colors create a perfect ambiance for overwhelming interactions. The color blue or purple is also a popular choice that has a soothing effect on sense. If you have thought of becoming a part of Aspiration’s upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata, this can be your obvious choice.

2. A focus: Every room must have its focal point. For a bedroom, the head of the bed stands as the center. Keep that area clean from clutter and place a bright and distinctly designed pillow. If the head of the bed is towards the window, you are with the cherry on the top!

3. Minimalism: If you wish to make your bed the center of attraction, choosing minimal accessories is the key to catch an attractive eye. A carved wooden artifact looks grand when places judiciously beside the bed. Aspirations luxury building in Kolkata provides you with ample opportunity to live up to your dreams.

4. Wallpapers: The other way to make your bedroom look elegant is to use patterned wallpapers. Place it against the bed head and try to choose designs that are large scale. Selecting the seamless wallpaper can render a classy look. Use of floating shelves: Walls are often the best places to keep your accessories in the display. Using floating shelves is always the best options to keep your books, laptops or artifacts on screen. A set of pictures can also cater to an appealing appearance.

5. Use of mirrors: Another way to make your bedroom look expansive is with the use of mirrors. While mirrors can function as an extension to your pattern, it adds a depth of field or perception to your room.

Try out these simple tricks and engage in the glory of living while becoming a part of Aspiration’s upcoming residential apartments in Kolkata.


Is The Location For New Flats For Sale In South Kolkata Appropriate?

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Are you looking for new flats for sale in South Kolkata? One thing that you must be worrying you is whether the new location is suitable for you and your family. There are quite a few upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata, and they are located across different areas of the metropolitan. The cost of real estate projects in South Kolkata often depends on the field, availability of essential amenities, and the connectivity of the place with the rest of the city. Based on all these factors you will get real estate projects.

Check for essential amenities while choosing a property

Once you start living in a particular area, you’d need a few crucial things like markets schools for your children and sound transportation facilities for easy commuting to different parts of the city. That is why while choosing flats for sale in South Kolkata, you must check the proximity of the projects you want from your working place. You should also check the connectivity of the area from major hospitals in the city. In addition to that, you must also check whether you are choosing new flats in South Kolkata that are positioned in a well-developed area. If you check all these factors while selecting new flats for sale in South Kolkata, you are sure to get benefitted.

Remember, established areas have better security features!

You must be planning to shift to the new real estate projects in South Kolkata that you’ve bought, with your entire family. But is the project located amidst an already developed area in the city? It is important to note that underdeveloped or new locations provide less safety from unscrupulous people as compared to previously established places. It’s the matter of security of your family members as well as your belongings. That is the reason you need to be careful while choosing upcoming residential flats in South Kolkata. Make sure you survey the location well before booking apartments there.

Check the green quotient

With global warming being a thing of concern for all real estate builders, most of the upcoming residential projects in South Kolkata are taking measures to combat pollution and induce sustainability. You should, therefore, choose projects that contribute less to environmental depletion and have given much effort to gardening and intelligent use of natural resources.