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    A Greener Life: Choose these Affordable Plants to Decorate your Home


    We often wonder about the minimalistic décor for our homes. But how many of us consider buying plants with health benefits for their room?  If you are a part of a top residential project in Kolkata and wish to make your rooms a bit green and healthy with natural life, try these inexpensive not hard-to-find greens for your home:

    Bamboo Palm:

    Houseplants are all natural humidifiers. A Bamboo Palm with its robust look is an all-rounder in keeping your atmosphere clean. While it adds a touch of green to your room, it sweeps the air of formaldehyde.

    Aloe Vera:

    A natural choice, the sharp look of Aloe Vera lessens the thorns of life. When you are up for the succulent game, keep this potted plant near the window and reap its medical benefits. Keep it beside a window for maximum sunlight!

    Snake Plant:

    Adding a vertical touch to your rooms, Snake Plant offers an architectural element to your space. This bedroom plant is a natural air purifier and can even thrive with weeks of neglect. When you own home from the most trusted real estate developers in Kolkata, Aspirations, you can always aspire to a greener life!

    Spider Plant:

    Best way to place a spider plant is to hang them in baskets! It is again a natural air purifier. And more interestingly, it adds to the aesthetic value with its pretty white flowers.


    One of the most easily adaptable plants, Pothos is also very flexible can be placed on a table, hung from baskets or can also be made to creep along poles. If you are a part of Aspirations top residential projects in Kolkata, do not forget to add the aesthetic appeal to your balconies.

    Chinese Evergreen:

    At once a health-conscious plant, Chinese Evergreen plants are known to emit high amounts of oxygen making it an excellent option for those suffering from allergies and asthma. However, the sap from the leaves might be poisonous, so keep them away from pets and kids.

    Dumb Cane:

    Cultivated all around the world, Dumb Canes adds to the aesthetic appeal with its contrasting white and green shades. However, this plant can be slightly intolerant to the intense heat of Kolkata and thus needs a sky filter. Since you have already chosen Aspirations as the best real estate developers in Kolkata, you can always make you’re living a little more exquisite.

    Choose from these and make your life with Aspirations top residential project in Kolkata healthier.

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